40 things about me  

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9/23/2005 7:24 pm

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40 things about me

1 I lost my virginity on my eighteenth birthday.

2 Ive made love with a bbw.

3 I watch too much porn.

4 Im straight.

5 I Live for the day.

6 I Masterbate.

7 I have a deep scar on my left palm.

8 You can almost see it through the hair growing on my palm.

9 Ive drove a ten tonne digger once.

10 I left a large hole in a wall with a ten tonne digger.

11 My favourite film is constantine.

12 My favourite type of music is rock, especially the red hot chilli peppers and the offspring.

13 My favourite food is steak.

14 I like to sleep naked.

15 Im a night owl.

16 my favourite colour is green.

17 I like wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

18 I wear 10 and a half shoes.

19 I like making love in the morning.

20 I am the worst liar my face turns bright red.

21 I love playing in poker tournaments.

22 I like reading.

23 I drink only at weekends and only after nine o clock.

24 I smoke but not very much.

25 I love to barbicue even when its cold outside.

26 I schemed 2 months of school.

27 I threw a smoke bomb into the principles office.

28 I got an award for academic achievement at school.

29 I would like to study history at colledge.

30 I prefare bathing to showering.

31 I always use protection.

32 I fear the thought of ever being a father, way to much responsibility.

33 I spiked my best friends drink with laxitive.

34 The day befor my best friend stole my clothes at a swimming pool and threw them on the roof.

35 Im a smartass at times.

36 I carried a girl a half a mile to a hospital.

37 I love soccer.

38 My favourite teams are Man United and Celtic.

39 Im have only been online for about two and a half months.

40 This is harder than it looks.

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