Discretion ...  

LuvsToLick53 64M  
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8/13/2006 1:59 am
Discretion ...

So, clue me in here ... If Discretion is high on your list of priorities, why not look for someone you KNOW would also value it very highly?
I mean, I know some people have made a choice to NOT see "cheating spouses" (That's THEIR label, not mine. I prefer "Deprived Spouses", or "Bored Spouses" ...). That's their choice and I accept it. (Heck, I also respect them for "sticking to their guns" once they've made that decision, but I do wonder if they hold to their guns whether the person is male or female ...) But, who better to keep things discreet than someone else not wanting these meetings to become known?
Who would you worry less about "cutting it off" with, a "cheating spouses" or a young guy who's found someone he really likes? (Hey - I'm not going to be the one you have to worry about stalking you, or pestering you for another meeting, or whatever.)
Just my thoughts on this matter of discretion.

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