Hot For Teacher- 1'st time 69! (a true story)  

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Hot For Teacher- 1'st time 69! (a true story)

I was a junior in High School and held a job as a pool cleaner,when I first had my very first 69 experience.

Having been learning more and more about sex and the possibilities of different sexual forms/positions,69 was one I always had on my mind,but apparently the girls I was sexually active with,were not game.

I remember clearly the day I was called to a new clients house to clean her pool.

I arrive at the quaint,yellow house with white picket fence and knocked to announce my arrival.

The door opens,a beautiful dark haired,long legged woman opens the door.

Ohhhhh... but this was not just any woman!

It was my 9th grade math teacher Miss. Bruton!

Miss. Bruton always reminded me of Joyce Dewitt (3's Company Star/Janet,but MUCH MORE FINER)she had the same dark hair and hair style,with the same soft white/pail skin,and a eye blinding smile.

After a few chuckles from both sides,I went about my business,nothing happened that day,just a simple kiss on the cheek,and off I went to clean another pool.

Miss. Bruton had signed up for monthly pool service,so I was able to see her at least once a month,sometimes twice.

It wasn't until summer break that things started heating up.

Month's before Miss. Bruton had given me a key to her fence door,so when she wasn't at home,I could go in and clean her pool.

One day I arrive and noticed her car wasn't in the driveway,I did however knock,with no answer,so I make my way to the fence,open it and walk in.

What I walk into,was not what I expected!

Miss. Bruton was laid out back getting a sun tan in the buff!

As I walked in,she saw me and I her,I quickly excused myself and started to walk away towards my truck,as I was getting ready to leave Miss. Bruton came out running in a towel and asked me not to go,that everything was okay,I may clean her pool (she says).

I apologized a million times,no worries she always replied,we are both adults here,aren't we? She asked.

As I was wrapping up cleaning her pool I got paged that my next client had canceled and that I was done for the day,Miss. Bruton (in Bikini now) over heard my conversation,I was about to leave when she asked if I'd like to take a dip?

With "yes" in mind,I declined her offer,but she was a fireball and wouldn't take no for an answer,so I stayed.

During my junior year I was a football and wrestling all star,so I was in great shape.

I guess she noticed this and told me what a great body I had developed and that I never looked my age,but rather older and more mature acting then most High School boys.

She then asks my permission if she could go on with her sun bathing (in the buff),I said by all means,but it would be hard for me not to take a glance at her once in a while...she laughed and she tells me,"I hope so,I'd feel ugly if you didn't look"

Right then and there as I was in the 3 ft area of the pool,my cock got harder then all hell,her words totally screwed with my mind and not to mention my body/part!

I begin to swim away fearing she could see my erected penis,when all of a sudden she asks me to put lotion on her back.

Now,imagine what I was going through,my 7 inch cock is so hard that it looks and feels 10 feet tall,and she wants me to come out of the pool?!?!

I tried to hide my erection by slowly coming out of the pool and placing a towel over my stomach area as I pretended to only be drying myself.

I walk towards her and she snatches the towel from me,something got in her eye,so she needed the towel to wipe her eye.

There I am,in tight surfer shorts hard as a rock,as she was wiping her towel,I tried to hide my erection by moving my penis to the side,bad idea! Made it look even bigger!

I was about to sit down on a lounge chair when she finished wiping her eye and asked me to get the lotion,which was sitting on top of her Bar B Que pit about 5ft away,as I walked back all I saw were here eyes staring straight at my cock!

Needless to say she didn't make matters better for me,she had been laying there in her birthday suit all along,no way was my cock coming down for anyone!

She turns on her stomach,I sit next to her and begin to rub her down with lotion,much to my surprise she asks if I could sit on her legs (from behind) and lotion her from there,I like a good boy did what was asked of me.

After a minute or so while applying lotion on Miss. Bruton's "starting" to bronze back,she made a sudden move with her legs,clamping down on my erected penis!

I am freaking out at this point,but I continue as if she hadn't noticed,boy was I wrong!

She began to clamp on my penis with her legs as she seemed to be rubbing my cock with her legs,I continue massaging her back with lotion,now she begins to moan a bit!

Out of left field she asked me "Is that for me?",I was so dazed with excitement I truly did not know what she meant,I replied "What's for you?"

She said "The flashlight in your pocket"

It took a few seconds to gather my thoughts,as I buckled downed (like a man) and said "That ain't no flashlight" as I giggled.

What is it then? she asked,I was to shy to say anything but, "My private part" she laughed at my innocent response and then asked me "Well,is that for me then?"

I respond with a crackle in my voice "It's all BECAUSE of you,so I guess it could be yours"

For some reason as those words left my mouth,I got "Hercules" type courage and laid my body against her as I thrusted myself upwards on her backside while pushing my cock into her butt crack area with force as I went to kiss the back of her neck.

It got real hot,real fast!

I thrusted down on her ass with my cock and then she pushed her round ass right back up with even more force as I held her face to the side and kissed her wildly while pinning her shoulders down to the lounge chair,she loved it!
And not to mention,so did I!

The kissing,the heat,the constant hard rubbing was getting hotter and hotter by the second,when Miss. Bruton extended her arms to the side and attempted to take my shorts off,but I had to assist as her arms were to short,so I stand up to take them off,when she gets up on the lounge chair and sits right in front of me,she then tells me to "allow her".

There I was butt naked with an erection in front of my 9th grade math teacher,where in a few moments I was to receive yet another lesson from her,how to 69!

I gotta stop now,the memories are getting me real hot and horny!

I will tell you that our affair did not stop,in fact we had a beautiful relationship for about 3 years,until Miss. Bruton accepted a teaching job in Cali.,we are still in touch and speak on a regular basis,during my career in the film business,I've been able to see her quite often.

Quick fact. Miss. Bruton while being my 9th grade math teacher was only 23 years old,so don't go off thinking I was doing it with some wrinkled old hag! lol

The photo you see is of Miss. Bruton's backside!

Please continue to join me by adding your own toungilizing story or comment post.

Good day and good fuck....

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