Fulfill My Roof Top Fantasy!  

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3/26/2006 12:08 am

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Fulfill My Roof Top Fantasy!

Although I have all but half fulfilled this fantasy, as I have experienced it during day hours, I'd love to meet the perfect woman to fully fulfill this fantasy, at night.

Not just any woman will do, must be someone with a true sense of adventure, wild yet tamed, crazy but not totally slutty, the perfect woman to me would be more sensual, one that looks you straight in the eye with pure passion, you know the kind?

Well,let's continue then,shall we?

"Roof Top Affair"

We sneak into a tall building making our way to the roof with a bottle of champange and a warm blanket, in hand.

Once on the roof and after a breif moment soaking in the beautiful, cool night sky and skyline, I look into your eyes, softly caress your face as I lean in to kiss your lucious lips.

I then slowly escort you towards the edge of the building all the while still kissing you, until I turn you around as your heart races anxiously as you fearfully look down the edge of the building, I securely hold you and make you feel safe.

As you look down, I begin to gently kiss the back of your neck while constantly running my hands all over your chilled body, to keep you warm.

I slowly begin to make my way with my lips and soft kisses towards your lips as I lean your head back while caressing your breast's.

You turn around and things heat up, small gentle, soft kisses become long passionate exchanges, the night does not seem so cold any longer as our hearts begin to thunder with heat.

I make my way down your dress towards your pussy with one hand, as the other hand forecefully but gently holds your hair as I pull it back to expose your tempting neck.

My kisses become slightly wet as I begin to undress you, once undressed my kisses lead themselves from your neck to your breast's making their way to their final destination.

I kiss your ever so tempting pussy, I then pass my tounge on your clit in a small circular motion, (but just for a teasing moment), I then slowly lay you down on the blanket, grab the champange and begin to pour it over your exposed body, as my thirst grows stronger I begin to lick the champange off your body, starting from the top and ending, once again at your most intimate spot.

My wet, hot licks progress from soft and slow to faster and faster licks as your growing visible excitment, pulsating heart beat and growing moans begin to transform me into an animal.

As I feast upon your delicious pussy, you arch your back as your moans become louder with anticipation....

WHAT? Think I'd give it all away?

Hell no! lol

Now then, if you think you're the right girl for the scene, let me know!

Feel free to add on to my fantasy (an ending) or post your own.

Until next time kids, keep licking and slip sliding away!

Goodnight and good fuck...

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