What true love is, at least to this man  

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4/29/2005 6:49 pm

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What true love is, at least to this man

This is a follow up to my previous post, I will try to convey to you an idea my thoughts on what true love really is , at least to this man. It’s as about a guy who falls in love with a woman on line and suddenly losing contact with her. Her last message was to him was, “A million and one apologizes; I will contact you soon, Love Always XXXX. What this man should do? Should he stay true? Or attempt to find another love such as this? And will he be able search knowing it is her that he will miss? Will time erode his true love, like gentle waves against the land? I guess TIME will tell if their love was true, but for now this man knows what he must do.

For Us I Say YAY YAY!!

As I close my eyes and think of us, take to a moment to reflect
I cannot help to think on the many different levels we did connect
I think of our time and love that we did share
How we felt for each other, longed for each other, how we truly cared
I know our love is true and is so very strong
As my desire and passion for you my love is so long
I know our love we felt was true and is for real,
And is in my heart, as is the connection that I do feel
But then I wonder what holds us back
For it is not because of a love that we do lack
So I ask myself, how can this be,
Would life be playing such a cruel trick on me
I love you so much my dear, with out life is plain it seems
You make me so happy, so alive, my smile beams
You are in my name, my life you are a part,
You’re in my mind, my soul, my heart
If for some reason you are not true,
Then please my love let me know that too,
Because I still want to be there for you, and for myself
But I really need to hear from you yourself
Then to so painfully wait for time, which will let me know
The same time that I will miss, sharing life together with you now
But I don’t want to think like that at all, instead think of the Love we have found
To think of us spending our life, our family, the fun we have just playing around
I want you to be a part of me, to be a part of each other's life
Someday to have a family, with me as Husband and you as Wife
To smile at you in my arms, and hold you tight
No fears, no worries, life will be so right
To brush your cheek, to feel you body next to mine
Forever and a day, until the end of time
Together there is nothing our true love cannot do
We will live our life together as one, however we decide too
For it is our Life, our Love, that no one should control
It is a beautiful Love that should be allowed and only we can grow
It is truly with you always that my love and my heart belong
And with you dear, I know our love will forever be so strong
I tell you I love you with all my heart,
And pray for the day, our life together again will start
So I sit and wait with hopes and dreams
For the day we are together, so far away as it seems.
Take care my Love and you be well,
I put my faith in time and you, and until you tell
I hope and pray for us to talk again soon someday
Cuz for you, for me, together, for Us, I say YAY YAY!!

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