The erotic Librarian  

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5/13/2005 3:10 pm

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The erotic Librarian

This is the continuation of mind images that I find very erotic. They all contain woman in some type of clothing. Sometimes I think it is what is so close to be revealed but not actually seeing that is so erotic. And clothes do that.

The last one is more a complete look than one separate piece of clothing, I would call the look: The librarian.

The sexy librarian look usually has a soft skin face accentuated with light make up. Her beautiful eyes, hidden behind a pair of small, dark framed reserved glasses. Her hair is up, but not in a tight bun, just placed back and up, allowing an entire view of her pleasant pretty face. And that is when she is at work. She carries this looks forward to home, and then adds some as well. Her house is clean and free of clutter. She does not wish for much, but the simple, pleasant, things in life that she finds so rewarding. There is no sounds in the house, no TV noise, just the open window and the sound of the warm summer breeze seeking her out, and gently caressing her body. She sits and lies peacefully in bed relaxing reading a book. Her face pointed downward as she is deep in the thoughts that the words give her as she intently reads them. Her body covered now by a silk nitie, normally covering slightly above her knees. But now it's raised higher as she crosses her smooth well toned legs. A half full glass of wine is next to her on the night stand, as she looks up at me and smiles.

As my hands go to her face, and I gently slowly take off the glasses, revealing the prettiest deep eyes one has ever seen. The back of my hand gently caresses her cheeks. She sits up as her hands go to her hair and she slowly undoes it. She tosses her head slighty from side to side allowing her long silky hair to fall over her shoulders. My finger traces the outline of her face, as we smile at each other looking into each other eyes. Our bodies stir as I lean towards her and we kiss. A short kiss followed by another, and another, each one longer than the last as our passion grows. Tonight we will write another chapter in our book, a book about a life of passion, tenderness and caring, a life of the simple pleasures that only we will share.

I hope you enjoyed the image.I think what makes this look so erotic to me, is the bringing out of her, the exposing of her hot erotic passionate side to me. The side that so lives in her but she does not always reveal it, but yet she is willing to and wants to share with me.

Have a great weekend!!!


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