Thanks for wearing the....  

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5/10/2005 5:18 pm

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Thanks for wearing the....

This is a continuation of mind images that I find very erotic. They all contain woman in some type of clothing.

My next mind image deals with an erotic apparel that woman wear. Boots!!!

I find boots the most erotic piece of apparel that woman wear outside the bedroom. Not too say I don’t love it when they wear them inside the bedroom as well.hehehehe. I love all kinds of boots, long, short, black white, any color, high heel , short heel, snakeskin, leather, vinyl, just seeing a woman in boots heats me up, conjures all kinds of erotic images. Not sure what it is that exactly does it, just that it does. mmmmmm

It just naturally attracts my eye and truns me on. I was walking through an airport the other day with a business associate, and I didn’t even mentally notice, that I woman had walked past me with boots on, until I realized that my eyes were already fixated on her boots and shapely legs.

Lucky for me, that at work, a woman who is already very pleasing to the eye, wears boots a few times a week. Oh she makes the day go so fast when she does. Oh yeah and when in a meeting with her in attendance guess where my eyes are at. Oh k on my work (just in case the boss sees this..hehehehe), but I do find times to wander too her. I try to pick out a location to sit where I can see her boots ( hah, like I had to tell you that…of course ). And with it she sometimes also has on a white laced poncho, making it even hotter, but that’s another story.

So I want to give a big thank you and a hug, and something else too..hehehe. to all you woman that wear boots. You bring a smile to my face, not to mention ditrty, naughty, but fun, thoughts to my mind…… Giddy-up!!!! Rick

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