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5/9/2005 1:00 am

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If one says Hi

Hi hope you had a great weekend? I wanted to make a comment on what I see as a growing trend on Im that I don't understand. Maybe it was the way I was raised but when I start a conversation (chat) with someone, I always try to end it with a goodbye. I would say only about 30% of the chats that I have been in, where the women left, did she leave by saying goodbye. The others I was left hanging to ponder life, as I checked my watch, wrote I few my comments, then I would ascertain that I was talking across the Grand Canyon (Hello, can anybody hear me?), that the woman was no longer participating in the chat anymore. Thanks for wasting my time. And by that I don’t mean the intial chat was a waste, just those moments at the end were. Or at times I simply see "XXXXX has left the chat" message. To me that is wrong, if a chat is begun, and if it is not going the way you one wants it to , or if one is not interested any longer, then just say you are going leave, and say goodbye. I always include a best of luck in your search when I leave, but acknowledgement to other person should be made that the chat is ending. It is common courtesy and proper, at least I think. I know there are always are exceptions, for example where the other person is being just plain rude, but I am not like that. And to those 30% that do say goodbye, I say thank you for your honesty and wish them well.
I hope that this improves, cuz i really enjoy chatting and learning about people. K ,. I need to go for a run. So I am leaving now.

Good bye and take care...Rick

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5/9/2005 6:59 am

I would have to agree with you. I have had those kinds of conversations where I get left hanging like that or just have men leave just after saying "hi, what are you seeking here?". I understand that there are problems with the IM sometimes but when they leave and dont return to apologize that is an indication that they are total as*ho*@-if you know what I mean. I feel your pain though, and I say, hang in there.

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