Erotic thoughts of a Catholic Schoolboy  

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5/11/2005 6:31 pm

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Erotic thoughts of a Catholic Schoolboy

This is a continuation of mind images that I find very erotic. They all contain woman in some type of clothing. Sometimes I think it is what is so close to be revealed but not actually seeing that is so erotic. And clothes do that.

My next mind image deals with an erotic apparel that woman wear. Skirts, and Skorts too for that matter!!!

I went to a catholic grade school and I seriously don’t know what they were thinking when they made the school uniform for girls be pleated skirts, with white shirts. Well on second thought maybe I should knowing now some of the things that went on in the catholic schools. Opps maybe shouldn’t of thought that (ducks, puts hands over head, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, whew no lightening strike yet). But seriously, I don’t know if they intended for the effect it had on school boys at that age. I’ll never forget the girls in school and how the skirts were driving me crazy as I was looking at them. Not to mention the bras could easily be made out underneath the white shirts. I was a little bit on the shy side at the time, and didn’t want to get caught staring, which I think made all the more erotic too me. No wonder I started masturbating when I was ten, and haven’t stop yet. So I have carried that image forward to this day. Women in skirts!!! Yummy!!!

So I’m sure this is no big surprise to anyone, as itis to most men, MMMMMm woman who wear skirts really turn me on. They are hot, it doesn’t matter if the woman is standing up, showing off her shapely legs, nice tight waist, and firm ass. The way they swish side to side as she walks. I try not to stand to close to a woman in a skirt, so I can take her all in with my eyes. Guys just waiting for the woman to somehow bend over. mmmmm Or the woman can be sitting (especially laying back in a chair relaxing) as well and still be so sexy, teasing us , knowing their panties are barely just out of sight, almost being revealed to you. Crossing her legs and smiling, as my eyes try to stay on her. Skirts are so sexy, as are the newest creation skorts. A big thank you for whoever invented those as well. I can seem to get the image out of my head now of a hot sexy woman in a short pleated skirt, whew this is a strong erotic image to me..mmmmmmm Hope it is to you too. Excuse me I think I have to go do something now..hehehehe Rick

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