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12/18/2005 9:37 am

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The Mechanic

Around here, discretion is a must. It is difficult to meet guys that are interested in my "service" by just getting out in the community because it is inappropriate to send out signals or hints. Quite often, it is unsafe, too.

That is why the Internet has been such a great tool. Sites like AdultFriendFinder can put compatible people in touch with each other, without a lot of the game playing.

Several months ago, I got an IM from a guy a couple of towns over. It was pretty late- about 11- and he was really horny and he wanted to cum over right then. Normally, I like to get a little more in a comfort zone, but I hadn't had the pleasure of blowing anyone in several days, and I was hungry for it. I gave him directions and he said he'd be here in 30 minutes.

The wait seemed like an eternity. The feeling I get in such a waiting situation is a real mixed bag. First, I wonder what he'll look like... what he'll be wearing (I love a jeans and T-shirt man), what kind of attitude he'll have (I like a man who knows what he wants, but shows mutual respect) and , of course, what his cock is going to be like.

After that eternity, I heard a car pull into the driveway. There was a knock at the door, and when I opened it, all I could think was "hot damn!". He was a man of Italian descent... dark hair, mustache and trimmed beard, about 5'11" tall, and nicely packaged in his (oh boy) jeans and T-shirt.

I invited my handsome stranger in. We sat and talked nervously for several minutes. I learned he was a mechanic and a divorced father of two. He said he loved having his cock sucked, but had a hard time finding someone in the area to blow him on a regular basis. I told him that was unbelievable, considering what a fox he was. I guess that was all the invitation he needed because he stood up and stripped. I have never seen anyone who could come out of thier clothes as fast as Jimmy could!

He sat back down in the chair with his legs spread apart and his manhood waving an invitation to me. I did what any self-respecting cocksucker would do... I dropped to my knees and crawled between his legs.

I am not hung up on size, and his cock was probably about 5 inches long, but is had a nice thickness to it. Jimmy seemed to be a little self-conscious, thinking it was little. I assured him it was a nice one, and that I loved having it in my mouth.

To be honest, I love to deep throat a guy, but if a cock is too long, I just can't manage to swallow it all in. His tool was just the right size... and I loved hearing him gasp every time he felt the head of it scraping the back of my throat. If there was a downside to Jimmy's first visit, it was the speed with which he shot his load. I guess he had been "without" for a long time.

Anyway, he rewarded me with hot, sweet streams of protein, and I eagerly swallowed every drop.

I must have done something right, because Jimmy became a "regular" visitor. I would hear from him every two or three weeks when he would call and say he was on his way. Those visits went on until he moved out of the area.

I sure would love to have Jimmy and/or a couple of other hot guys in the area that could stop in for our mutual satisfaction!

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