The Football Game  

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12/18/2005 6:19 am

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The Football Game

Jack had been stopping by my house on a regular basis to feed me his hard,
juicy cock. I met him at a country market, where local "bubbas" often stopped to
grab a beer and trade stories. I overheard him and a couple of buddies talking
about getting their dicks sucked. One of the guys said, "I let a queer do it." Jack
replied, "It felt good, didn't it?" That gave me the courage to approach him a few
days later and...well, the rest is history.

Jack and I both like to watch football. Sometimes, he comes by and drinks a
couple of brews, enjoys the game, and enjoys a great cock sucking from yours
truly. What a great way to spend a chilly Fall afternoon!

Anyway, Jack found out about my fantasy of doing more that one guy at a
"sitting". The idea of sending one guy into ecstasy while a couple of others are
watching is so hot! Then, when I had swallowed ever drop of the first stud's load,
I would move to the next stiff cock.

Well, I am getting ahead of myself...Jack called early one Saturday afternoon and
said he and a couple of buds were looking for somewhere to watch the games.
Of course, I offered my place!

When they arrived, my mouth immediately started watering. I was in the room
with three hot guys. They were all dressed in jeans, T-shirts and cowboy boots.
Jack always showed a magnificent bulge in his crotch. The other two guys, Ray
and Steve, looked fine, too. Ray had a great ass, which his jeans showed off to a
tee. Steve was kind of beefy, and he had a couple of jailhouse tattoos on each of
his arms. He had that "bad boy" look about him, but I knew I was safe if he was a
friend of Jack's.

The problem was that I wasn't sure what Jack had in mind by bringing his two
buds over. For all I knew, they really did just need a place to watch football. In a
small southern town, you don't make any assumptions.

The guys came in, sat down and got comfortable. The game was great, and our
team was winning. After a couple of beers, nature was calling Jack. He went
down the hall to the bathroom. I guess he was raised in a barn, because he
never shut the door. When he finished his business, he came back down the hall.
I looked up to see his gorgeous cut cock sticking through the fly of his jeans. He
walked over in front of me, grabbed the back of my head, and immediately began
to skull-fuck me. Ray and Steve were sitting on the couch watching the show.
Steve started rubbing his crotch, but Ray seemed a little uncomfortable at the

Jack continued to pump his hard cock in and out of my mouth, occasionally
pulling out and ordering me to lick his balls. It wasn't long before he was blasting
strings of sweet, hot cum down my throat.

Jack sat back in his chair, savoring what had just happened. I had barely had
enough time to catch my breath before Steve stepped up, unzipped is pants, and
he fed me his 7", thick cock. He was really hot, because it only took a couple of
minutes before he unloaded his wad in my waiting mouth. Damn, was I in

Steve sat back down on the couch, and Ray was still sitting there...but by now, it
was obvious he liked what he saw. His cock was straining to break free from its
denim cover. On the other hand, he still looked a little uncomfortable.

Steve and Jack told him he was really missing something incredible, but
Ray said he had never had a blow job from another guy. I told him I would never
push it on anybody, but that I would love to give him head...and to do whatever
he needed me to do to make him comfortable. After a couple of moments of
hesitation, Ray unbuttoned the top of his fly, but that is where he stopped.

I took the cue and crawled to the couch and began to rub his hard tool through
the fabric. It wasn't long before he was totally relaxed. He laid back and spread
his legs in an invitation to proceed. I pulled the zipper down slowly to reveal the
purple head of one of the biggest, nicest cocks I have ever seen. It was already
oozing pre-cum, and when my lips slid across the crown of that awesome rod, he
moaned in uncontrollable ecstasy. He gave me a huge load of cum.

Jack and Steve were ready for some more head after seeing their bud get blown.
I actually did all three of them at least twice more.

Don't ask me the score of the game that day. All I can tell you is that I was the
winner. I look forward to more game-day "pleasure".

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