A woman with bigger 'balls' than most men!  

Luv2EatPussyInNC 55M
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6/19/2006 4:03 pm
A woman with bigger 'balls' than most men!

Whoa! Hold on... I hear the screeching of brakes all across the Internet with this title.
Before you drop your spoon in your corn flakes, let me elaborate.
I just read the profile of cvrstealer and have to say that I have 'rarely' found anyone who can write in this manner. This lady's got balls! There, I said it. If she is the same in person as her writing suggests, she's got to be one impressive person to know. And yes, I'm talking about more than just the carnal sense. Come one now, I do pull my head up for air sometimes!
Just when I thought the bane of mankind was to be submitted to global dumbing down, along comes a bright ray to peirce the darkness. I salute you lady, where ever you are, and hope that if we do nothing more than chat and exchange bon mots, that you do not change who you are as a person. Such a loss would truly cause a crack in the space/time continuum.
That's all for now. I'm off to take my hounds for a good walk.
Ciao, bella!

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