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2/15/2006 6:50 pm

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I am the lusty wench..and in the future I will be telling tales. Tales of fantasy, and my desires..

Some start out innocent...some just start out hot..

Either way..there will be lots of fucking and sex in my entries..just cause I dont get enough in real life, doesnt mean I cant write about it..

Some of my fantasies involve a late night at the office...when you call me into the office, and lock the door behind me..

You take my hand, and lead me to the desk, and I see the shimmer in your eyes that means that you want me..and I know that I want you. But Im a bit scared..but the lust inside me makes up for the fear...and I step up to your desk, and sit on the edge. You kneel before me, and push my skirt up over my thighs..revealing my already dampening panties. Your well manicured fingers reach under the edge to tickle me...in that way that only another woman can know. I lay back on the desk..moaning and arching...wanting to go further. But you stop, and pull me up..You bring my hands to your blouse, and my fingers unbutton it, and your hands reach for my top as well. Both of our bras come off, setting our breasts free to touch each other, and I lower my head to yours, and flick my tongue over your nipples..and I hear you moan..and it makes me more determined to have you as my first bisexual encounter. I push you down into the chair behind you, and climb off the desk to kneel in front of you. My breasts are free, and my skirt is so damp..I kick it off, and leave my panties on. I kneel..narly naked in front of you, and grab your knees, forcing them apart. I can smell you already..and I cannot wait. I lick my way up your thighs...and reach the edge of your panties..and bring my fingers underneath to touch a woman for the first time there. I cannot stand it any longer...and pull them down, and bury my tongue deep in your pussy, tasting another woman for the first time ever. I flick and lick..while rubbing your clit with my thumb..and I must be doing it right, because you are moaning and writhing...trembling under my face.

I feel you tense and your ass arches, burying my face deeper, and I continue my licking, and dive my fingers inside to spread your further. This must have done the trick, because I feel a warm sensation flooding me, and I re3alize Ive just given you an orgasm, and I wiggle, and lick harder, until you stop, and I trail my tongue upwards to your breasts.

You pull me up, and take my hand, and lift me from the kneeling position, and reach down to my panties. You pull them off of me, and throw them behind you.

"Sit" you tell me...and I do. You open the door to call someone, and he comes in, to really make this a night for me.

He comes to me..and begins to lay me down onto the floor, so he can begin to let me see how its done. You grab my knees, and spread me roughly, darting your tongue up my legs...tickling, but not giving me what I want yet. He climbs over me..and offers me his cock, which I happily take in my mouth. I begin sucking, and he pumps hardily, while pinching my breasts...causing me to moan in pure ecstacy. You take my moans as a sign, and finally delve deep into my pussy, and I realize that I am alive with fire, and tremble from the heat and pleasure that you are both giving me. Suddenly, he stops, and tenses, and I realize he is going to come, and I take it all greedily. I let him remove himself, and I get up on all fours, and say, "Please.."

He knows what I want, and you do too...you climb under me, and continue tongue fucking me...he takes his rock hard cock and massages my ass with it, circling more and more...finally plunging into me with a feircness that I never felt before...and I feel something from you as well...youve pulled out a huge dildo and are fucking me with it too. Im in pure ectasy..being fucked in both holes by a man and a woman, and I finally break...I scream, and orgasm like Ive never come before. It wont stop..and I cannot let my screams quiet down, and both of you fuck me harder and harder, until we all collapse, with tremendous orgasms..

Oh to have this happen..

rm_clitoral_man 51M
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2/16/2006 10:13 am

Well done Lusty! Thanks for getting a rise out of me today...now if only I could play the role of the man in your story Am looking forward to more!


MONA_14 29F

2/16/2006 3:44 pm

I enjoyed reading your blog and wish that you are our Friends

charlieb48 68M

3/16/2006 6:01 am

Hello Lusty,

WOW, AWESOME, I really got a hard on reading it. I look forward to exchanging more stories with you. And if I am luck one of the "slim ones" you may choose to meet.

McKinney_M 37M
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8/31/2016 12:18 pm


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