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6/25/2006 1:28 pm

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I read a news article this morning that I think is funny as it gets for celebrity stunts…LMAO!!! My thoughts on this are in italics.

Pamela Anderson is planning to strip naked in a shop window - for an anti-fur protest. (presumably because she herself is bald as a baby's bottom…and thanks to the help you’ve provided through my posts…SAY IT ISN'T SO!!! and MAKE IT STOP!!! maybe I can provide some moral support to the anti-fur campaign!!)

The former 'Baywatch' babe, famed for her sexy curves, is to pose nude in the window of fashion designer Stella McCartney's London clothes shop for animal rights group PETA……A source told Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper: "This is a cause that Pamela is very passionate about. She wants to support Stella's fundraising effort for PETA and is in talks to pose naked in her shop window. There will be other models there too
aascrompn or purrykitty2[blog purrykitty2] ??)

and it should last for about ten minutes."

Pammy has been an active member of the group since the early 90s and has repeatedly used her fame to campaign for PETA. Recently, the blonde actress called for a statue of Colonel Sanders in Kentucky to be destroyed - because it glorified cruelty to chickens. (I could support this since I gave up the evil KFC, explained here)

The star penned a letter to the Governor of Kentucky on behalf of PETA, however, her request was turned down. (*SIGH*)

Have you seen any craziness by celebrities lately that make you think they could do better??

I’d love to hear about it!!

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday!


papyrina 51F
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6/25/2006 3:11 pm

in england she will get arrested lol for doing that,in Greece she would get offered a job as the weather girl ,(one girl did lol)

I'm a

i'm here to stay

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 6:52 pm:
go greece!!

digdug41 49M

6/25/2006 3:20 pm

I cant remember anything off the top of my head LT but yeah I've seen some pretty outrageous stuff by these celebs who thanks to the media think they are bigger than life

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 6:53 pm:
If they did something meaningful...fine, but most of the time it is goofy crap that means and does nothing

willing2tryit42 40M
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6/25/2006 3:37 pm

I thought PETA stood for People Eating Tasty Animals!!!!!! ....... maybe I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 6:54 pm:
hahaha...I'm talking about the OTHER PETA tryit..

rm_KarmoHunny 54F
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6/25/2006 4:04 pm

Fuck Pamela Anderson! It's not like people haven't seen her shit before. Why doesn't she champion causes for people? Mixed up bitch!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 6:55 pm:
I definately think this stunt is meaningless and more about Pammy than PETA

rm_wetfingeraz 53F
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6/25/2006 4:27 pm

I can't deal with the celebrity crap. I fail to understand why people even watch shows like ET and Inside Edition. I mean, with everything that is going on in the world, WHO THE FUCK CARES about Pam, Paris, Brittany, or whomever? Why don't the tabloids talk about Julia Roberts going into the rainforests to do documentaries for PBS on vanishing species, or Bono going to Africa to fight poverty and starvation? THOSE are the celebrities that I want to hear about.

(climbing down off the soap box, trips and falls...)

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 6:56 pm:
hahaha...are you OK?...don't need anyone getting hurt in my blog!

VCF1962 105F

6/25/2006 4:36 pm

Celebrity in itself is craziness - a bunch of semi talented nobodies getting paid far too much because people like to read about them and take photo's of them.

Not my scene - give some of that money to the people that need it.

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 6:59 pm:
I don't have a problem with celebrities in general, they make movies or play sports or whatever they do...and they are who they are b/c of us. They should stick to what they do or do something meaningful


6/25/2006 4:58 pm

Hmmmmm.... Well at least Pamela Anderson is doing something about a cause she believes in. Although we may not agree with the steps she's taken to make her point or the cause, at least she isn't sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I believe society has a double standard where celebrities as concerned. Many people will bitch because they say celebrities should do more with there status to help a cause, then when they do, they are berated for pushing their views on the public. I say that unless you are doing something to help mankind, animalkind or whatever cause you choose, don't complain because somebody else is.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 5:30 pm:
You're right about the complaining thing. Shit or get off the pot. I personally don't think PETA is a worthy cause...far too extreme...nor do I agree with this particular publicity stunt.

Your point of view is well taken and thank you.

norprin5 55M

6/25/2006 5:33 pm

<~~~*hardcore carnivore*

i've got no problem with vegetarians, really...when i fly i always look for the passengers ordering the veggie meal...'cause when the plane goes down and we're forced to resort to cannibalism to survive, it's the vegetarians who'll be the tastiest morsels

*and then we'll make clothing with their hides*

King Nor XVIII

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 7:03 pm:
......I need some new shoes and I think that's why I like eating beef so much...the cows are vegetarians...


6/25/2006 5:39 pm

You are welcome darlin'. By the way, really enjoy your blog. Wish you the best. Take care.

rm_KarmoHunny 54F
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6/25/2006 6:04 pm

I agree with you Taurus. PETA does not seem to be a worthy cause. Those fanatics smear paint on people's fur coats and other outrageous things. How is smearing paint on a fur coat helping animals? It's not.

This is supposed to be a democracy. People have the right to eat meat and wear fur. That is their conscientious choice. Pamela Anderson and her group does not have the right to force their opinions and choices on others. It's always the few who are trying to make decisions for the many. Next thing you know, she'll be protesting the extermination of cockroaches, rats, mosquitos and other disease carrying vermin.

I have the right to my opinion and that is it.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 7:06 pm:
Don't they do that already??...

PrincessKarma 43F
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6/25/2006 7:42 pm

99% of celebs are bonkers... Would someone do me a favor and put Tom Cruise down and free me from that misery?

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 8:05 pm:
I'd be happy too...he is real goofy too...

themisskrissy 56F
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6/25/2006 7:54 pm

she was no big deal in high school.. i knew some girls that went to school with her.. until she got on the plastic tits merry go round and plastic hair and teeth she was just another chick in the hallway..
hasn't everyone seen her synthetic package before?

Virtue Alone Ennobles

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 11:00 pm:
yeah...I've heard the stories, and I wish her nothing but the best...but stunts like this can't help her can they??..let alone PETA

FeistySyn 51F

6/25/2006 9:02 pm

Hard to respect a "cause" full of quacks... it's like calling Scientology a religion because they put "Church of... " in front of it (and I know of what I speak, there is nothing remotely religious about that group) ....

BTW... yes, I am comment whoring on your blog... SORRY... but no one seems to have noticed I started blogging again... sniff...

Apparently the depth of depravity here is bottomless... don't you feel right at home?

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 10:58 pm: long as you keep coming by when you're famous I don't mind feisty...

silverbreeze2 65F

6/25/2006 9:54 pm

I think Pammy just likes showing off her body, as if we haven't seen enough of it! She may believe in PETA...but showing off her naked body isn't accomplishing a thing..but exciting some men!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 10:56 pm:
I think the stunt is about Pammy mostly...

Nightguy_1961 55M
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6/25/2006 10:48 pm


PETA has their headquarters in our area...and we are just as proud of them as we are as proud of Pat Robertson being headquartered here...

Excuse me...I didn't mean to drip sarcasm all over your blog

The founder of PETA is a, to put it mildly, a nutcase. Everytime the circus comes to town, the PETA people always stand outside the Scope Colesieum to hand out leaflets to the crowd. When the crowds are gone, these 'concerned citizens' just drop their trash where they stand and leave.

A lot of their stunts are just that....stunts, nothing more. But their confrontational tactics are deplorable. There was an incident a couple of years ago, when PETA started harassing pier fishermen in our area. While most of the protesters stayed in the pier parking lots, some bolder members carried fishing gear and paid their way onto the pier, only to go around yelling at people who were fishing (myself included). They crossed the line when the four of them surrounded an elderly lady and started shouting at her, bringing her to tears. Needless to say, this lady had a lot of people that came to her assistance and we just chased them off the pier.

It has come to my understanding that PETA is being investigated by the FBI anti-terrorist section for alleged funding of a known eco-terrorist who is going around, after serving a prison term for arson, and teaching college students how to make firebombs. I wonder how many people who give money to PETA would feel about that info....right now, it is just speculation about the funding, but if it is true.......

Sorry LT, didn't mean to vent, but these people are over the top..imho.

NG61...getting off his soapbox and quietly returning to the shadows...

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 10:56 pm:
Hey can vent in my blog all you want, especially when you have first hand knowledge to share...

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
9753 posts
6/26/2006 4:56 am

Uh oh, I just visited the fur farm and added my patch back LOL!!! Guess I better shave it off for this one

Purry {=}


LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:32 pm:
hahaha...probably a good idea!!

aascrompn 42M
6444 posts
6/26/2006 5:53 am

I'd be willing to stand there for a whole day in support of Pamela... I mean PETA. lol - No problem whatsoever!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:33 pm:
...I thought you might be OK with it Aas..

bustybettyboop2 50F

6/26/2006 7:50 am

thats some fucked up crazy shit! lmao! maybe someone will walk by and throw red paint on her like they do when animal rights people see someone wearing a fur. lol

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:33 pm:
hahaha...that would be a sight...

a123rat 49M
1112 posts
6/26/2006 8:20 am

I support the meat eating, gun toting people.
Let the celeb's use their star status to end world hunger or some other world crisis. Animal rights are slightly below human rights on my list of priorities.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:34 pm:
I agree rat...thanks...

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

6/26/2006 10:03 am

Bambi's Essay:

It's time Pamela get herself a respectable job. Why can't she be like Anna Nichole Smith and get a full time job suing billionair heirs?

That's all I have to say about these "has been" babes who need money!

Thanks for listening,
Lady Bambi

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:35 pm:
that's the point...use your status to do something worthwhile...I can't comment on the suing Billionaires thing tho...

rm_KarmoHunny 54F
888 posts
6/26/2006 11:47 am

    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    I think Pammy rocks..Shake your booty Pammy!I would like to see Huge Jackman naked he a member of PETA???
I'd like to see Hugh Jackman naked myself! Taurus, he's the guy that plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies. He also played Van Helsing in the movie with the same title. What beefcake!!!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:35 pm: I know who you're talking about...

saddletrampsk 54F

6/26/2006 1:18 pm


Do you think PETA would want me as their next poster child? Not likely..If God didn't want us to eat his lil friends he wouldn't have made them so tasty..

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:36 pm:
lol...sure I think you should apply for the job as Devils Advocate Saddle...

FeistySyn 51F

6/26/2006 6:41 pm

In Response to:

Bambi's Essay:

It's time Pamela get herself a respectable job. Why can't she be like Anna Nichole Smith and get a full time job suing billionair heirs?

That's all I have to say about these "has been" babes who need money!

Thanks for listening,
Lady Bambi

... Actually, the wanna-be heir sued her when daddy died a year after marrying her and didn't leave him the fortune he was expecting... then the wanna be heir up and kicked the bucket at a fairly young age just last week... which just goes to show... greedy never wins

Apparently the depth of depravity here is bottomless... don't you feel right at home?

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:37 pm:
So there's the rest of the story...LOL

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
2091 posts
6/26/2006 7:26 pm

Looks like you opened a can of worms on this one! I don't keep up with celebrity going ons. I don't watch tv very often. There is one show that I try to watch and it only comes on once a week and right now their season is done. My child watches disney and nick. Other than that, I have no use for tv.

I think its a bunch of nonsense personally. They complain they have no privacy yet they do it themselves. They do things that ordinary people would be arrested for, then sue the magazines over publishing what happened, win, and get MORE money. There is a price to pay for being a celebrity. Apparently, its intelligence. Granted I do know that several celebrities do have Harvard, Yale, and other prestigious college degrees. Do you hear much about their lives? Nope, didn't think so. Oops...what was I supposed to talk about? I forgot. *giggles*

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:38 pm:
I know what you mean about the ol Television...I read the story on the net...

Mermaidslut 49F

7/5/2006 4:03 pm

HHHmmmm, if people stopped talkin about her, she wouldn't be so damn effective with her publicity stunt...

LustyTaurus replies on 7/8/2006 1:14 pm:
hahaha...point taken, but it seemed so ridiculous I couldn't resist!!

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