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LustyTaurus 48M  
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5/5/2006 12:08 am

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5/9/2006 10:18 pm


I'm really horny, and I can't decide between getting Head or Tail...what do you think??

If you could only have one...which would it be?


rm_yukonpaul 51M
1120 posts
5/5/2006 12:13 am

Definitely Tail!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:06 pm:

HBowt2 58F

5/5/2006 3:19 am

Going to stamp my foot and scream until I get both....

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:06 pm:
Do I need to send you to my room?

MWWwantsmore 51F

5/5/2006 4:50 am

I would rather give head

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:07 pm:
now that's something I can work with...

RevJoseyWales 69M/66F
14393 posts
5/5/2006 6:44 am

, if I HAD to decide, but I've never had to choose. Guess I'm lucky, but the women i've been with have always offered both. Support the BLF! Joe

"McVeigh had the right idea, wrong address."

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:09 pm:
Aren't you lucky...LOL

southrnpeach333 50F

5/5/2006 7:29 am

I just want sex and I want it NOW, RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

Sorry, for the hissy fit, the hormones are raging lately

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:10 pm:
OK...OK...Calm down already....LOL..I'll see what I can do to get you laid...

a123rat 49M
1112 posts
5/5/2006 8:12 am

Like the sign said out front of the saloon
"liquor in the front/poker in the rear"

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:11 pm:

digdug41 49M

5/5/2006 8:48 am

I would have to choose the punani

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:12 pm:
no teeth to deal with that way I guess..)

dasher121 36M

5/5/2006 9:10 am

I guess Id have to go with tail, although i have recieved head that was much better than most tail!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:13 pm:
take what's available...that's a good plan...LOL

norprin5 55M

5/5/2006 9:23 am

    Quoting HBowt2:
    Going to stamp my foot and scream until I get both....
i'm with you, HB

King Nor XVIII

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:15 pm:
OK...That's it...go to my room Norprin...HB is already there...that'll teach ya for throwing a hissy fit on my blog...

catseyes23 61F

5/5/2006 9:42 am

As a woman, I'd go for the head first, then the tail. Best of both worlds!


LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:15 pm:
yes I agree with that cats...

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
3469 posts
5/5/2006 10:02 am

All of the ABOVE and MORE! Dayum it!!


LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:17 pm:
What exactly is the "more" part?....LOLOL

JustaSeeker 105F

5/5/2006 10:54 am

Tail. Head is overrated, unless I'm giving it. Oh, who cares, let's just get it on, Lusty. We'll figure it out as we go....

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:18 pm:
now that is a good idea...

aascrompn 42M
6444 posts
5/5/2006 11:35 am

I love both, but would have to chose tail.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:19 pm:
Yep...that is usually a fine choice..LOL..gotta love those no lose situations aas...

angelofmercy5 58F
17881 posts
5/5/2006 12:19 pm

    Quoting HBowt2:
    Going to stamp my foot and scream until I get both....
I'm with Hbowt2! And tonight I'm gonna get both! lol Before you think I'm too lucky.....hubby has been out of town all week...and after saturday, I won't be allowed to have sex for 6-8 weeks. boohoo!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:21 pm:
I remember Angel...we'll be thinking of you during and after your surgury Angel...

mycin62 54F

5/5/2006 12:56 pm

Um, I'll take the head please

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:32 pm:
I'm sure that won't be a problem...

FunandFrisky79 41M/36F

5/5/2006 1:49 pm

Decisions, decisions...

Like most of the other commenters, I'd like head... then tail... rinse and repeat! lol


LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:33 pm:
hahaha...good plan...

chasingfun27 38M
1108 posts
5/5/2006 1:59 pm

I'm down for the tail!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:33 pm:
hard to go wrong with that...

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

5/5/2006 3:54 pm

Are you crazy?


Lady Bambi

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:34 pm:

saddletrampsk 54F

5/5/2006 5:05 pm

If I could only have one it would be head..with a giant dildo being used on me at the same time..

Sheesh Imma greedy whore aren't I?

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:34 pm:
one giant dildo coming up!!

absolutelynormal 56F
6563 posts
5/5/2006 7:10 pm

Ok, so this is the second time I've been here today. I read and try to decide and I can't. It's been too long since I had either. I guess I'll wait till I can remember how it feels (read as, I'll decide after someone fucks my brains out and/or goes down on me till I get numb)... then and only then I can I make an "informed" decision!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:36 pm:
it is important to make an informed decision...


5/5/2006 9:21 pm

You offering?

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:37 pm:
offer is always open to you H~N~B...

007sexy40plus 50F  
7603 posts
5/5/2006 9:29 pm

How about your head inside my tail? Taste like chicken!!!!

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 9:39 pm:
wooHOOO..that's an offer worth accepting...

mm0206 68F
7767 posts
5/5/2006 10:24 pm


I hate to be difficult..
and it would be wishful thinking anyway...
if there was some distinct possibility ...

since it is mine to wish for...
not that anybody gives a damn..
it seems to be no matter what it is I always get it in the end,

So I will take heads and tails


LustyTaurus replies on 5/5/2006 10:57 pm:
You'd be surprised who's looking at your picture and masturbating...I mean, we care...

rm_cru1972 44M
4407 posts
5/6/2006 2:52 am

Well in my last relationship, for about 6 months I got nuthin but HEAD, two or three times a day, NOTHIN but head, so I would have to take the TAIL

LustyTaurus replies on 5/6/2006 1:18 pm:
don't blame ya there cru...LOL

EroticaXTC 49F

5/6/2006 5:48 am

hmmmmmm, well, somehow I don't think I'd enjoy getting head as much as I would Tail... so TAIL it is!!!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/6/2006 1:18 pm:
I love tail...

clitalicious67 49F

5/7/2006 9:23 am

Hmmm I am still stuck on why we can only have one or the other....(sigh)....I guess I am a greedy girl!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/7/2006 10:13 am:
LOL..hey, it COULD happen, its nice to be prepared...

clitalicious67 49F

5/7/2006 11:16 am

Ok then my vote is...I WANT IT ALL!!!!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/7/2006 4:46 pm:
that's definately allowed...LOL...

Whispersoftly5 51F
15176 posts
5/9/2006 10:13 am

Oh, it's got to be both!!! Please don't make us choose!!! Or let everybody else choose and not me. LMAO! I am so damn horny today I want both and then a hell of a lot more!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so frustrated. I need to walk away from your blog. Yeah, that's it. I'm going to walk away and go masturbate while trying to decide which I want more head or tails. *WEG*


LustyTaurus replies on 5/9/2006 10:19 pm:
lolol...I so wish i was there whisper...

Whispersoftly5 51F
15176 posts
5/9/2006 11:15 am

FYI - Just thought I'd cum back and tell you I feel much better now. LMAO!!! Life is sweet! YES!!!

A somewhat satisfied (at least for the moment) Whisper...

LustyTaurus replies on 5/9/2006 10:20 pm:
An hor and two minutes to masturbate..not bad...LOL

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