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more erotica

There you are, 3AM. You are wide awake, bored out of your mind. You're horney but still bored. Deciding on food seems like a logical choice. You grab your keys and head out to the local Denny's. When you arrive, there is all kinds of drama. Several police cars and a small crowd of people outside. You think to yourself whether you want to stay, but what the heck as it will give you some entertainment while eating.

You park your car and head inside. You are greated by a lovely blonde waitress who you notice has a very nice figure under that hideous uniform. She shows you to your table and asks you for a beverage order. "Coke" you reply and off she goes to get your soda. While she is getting you the drink you see the police cars begin to leave as well as the crowd disappearing.

She arrives with the coke and asks if you would like to hear the special of the day. You tell her ok and she begins to dribble on about eggs/toast/coffee for whatever price as you are not really listening. You are more concerned that her button between her breat is undone and you can see she isnt wearing a bra. You can't actually see the nipple, but you are wishing she would lean over just a bit more and you know you would be able to see it.

"Hunny, did you even hear me, cuz you were staring at my tits pretty hard" Your eyes focus back down at the menu and you feel the redness color your face. "I'm sorry" you mumble as you feel the stirring in your pants.

"Oh, don't worry about it hun. I get that all the time, but this is the first time anyone has ever apologized for looking". You look up and see that she is smiling. You peer into her light blue eyes and find comfort in knowing that you didn't make too much of an ass of yourself.

"My name is Crystal". You acknowledge her and introduce yourself. Suddenly, she sits down nest to you in the booth seat.

You are shocked and suprized. She whispers in your ear that the manager is asleep in the back and the cook is gay so not to worry. You look around the restaurant and see no one else. "Do you want a closeup look?" She asks. You nod your head because words wont come out of your lips.

With one swoop of her hand she has her blouse unbuttoned and taking your hand she puts your thumb and forefinger right on her left nipple. YOu begin to play with them. She tilts her head back and mumbles something that sounded like her saying that she was horney. You lean in and begin to kiss her lightly on the neck. You nibble on her ear all the while still fondling her smallish yet pert breast.

She begins to caress your thigh with her nails. Working towards your now hard cock. You move your free hand to her skirt. YOu reach up underneath the skirt to find she is wearing nothing....absolutely nothing under the skirt. As your hand moves over her clit she lets out a moan. You are startled by the moan and look around again for someone. Yet, no one is there. You feel the wetness of her pussy as your hand begins to rub her clit and finds a way to slip one finger into her waiting hole. You stroke the finger in and out several times before she begins to buck and writhe back and forth on your hand. Determined, you continue stroking her sweet smelling pussy. YOu slip another finger in and move them opposite of one another. She begins to shake even more violently. Her moans of extacy are getting louder and louder. You are afraid someone will come out to see you and her.

She leans into your chest and tells you that she wants you to fuck her right there, right now. You are shocked and a bit taken back by that. You tell her to say that again.....and she does, but this time she is looking right into your eyes. She says, "fuck me. Right her, right now. I want to feel your hard cock in my wet pussy, not in my hand".

You release her nipple from your fingers to reach into your wallet to get a condom. As you are tearing it open, she is undoing your pants. You roll the condom on over your hard cock as she stands up and bends over a chair at the next table. She hikes up her skirt. Her ass is so inviting, round and firm but really white.

You stand up, throwing caution to the wind and step behind her. You kick off your shoes and let your pant fall to the floor. You grab your hard cock and reach up between her legs to find her pussy so wet and almost dripping from her already.

Sliding your cock into her wanting pussy, you hear her moan. You begin pumping her slowly, but she tells you to fuck her hard.....NOW! Obligingly, you pickup the pace. YOu are now slamming your cock in and out of her with a tremendous pace. You hear your balls slapping her ass each time you plunge deep inside of her.

After many thrusts in and out of her, you see her shudder and clench the chair back with her hands as the waves of orgasm flow from top to bottom through her. You feel your cock being squeezed with her wet pussy muscles. As you are being squeezed, you feel the orgasm building up in you. You continue to thrust harder and harder into her, all the while she is crying out in extacy. Finally, you feel it.....your cock explodes inside of her. As she feels your cock pulsating, she pulls you out of her and pulls off the condom to lap up whatever cum she can get with her tongue. When you feel her tongue on your cock, you spasm one more time and shoot one more wave of lovejuice into her wanting mouth. You feel her tongue swirl around your now sensitive head.

Withdrawing the head from her mouth, she looks up at you smiling. She takes a finger to push a small dribble of cum back into her mouth. You feel exhausted. As you are gathering your clothes up, you hear a car door close and then a second car door close. You frantically grab your clothes and run to the bathroom. Once inside you quickly try to put on your clothes, but you don't see your underwear. "the hell with it" you mutter as you put your pants back on with no boxers. You finish tying your shoes and walk back out into the dining room.

Another couple has sat down only a couple of booths away from where you were seated. You decide to head for the door. Crystal comes over to you and tells you that she is keeping your boxers as a memento. You kiss her softly on the cheek and whisper into her ear that she is the most exciting fuck you have ever had. You ask for her number, but she tells you "sorry hum, but my husband wouldn't like you calling our house".

You chuckle to yourself and kiss her again on the cheek and walk out of the restaurant....completely satisfied.

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