and yet even more erotica  

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4/7/2005 12:43 pm

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and yet even more erotica

You arrive at home from your therapy session where you have once again been worked very hard. As you enter the house your lover is waiting wearing a smile and nothing else. Suddenly, you are getting your 2nd wind.

She moves towards you, helps undress you and leads you to the shower. She runs the water very hot, just how you like it, and steps in with you. As she turns you to face the water, she begins massaging your back and shoulders, working out the tension that has developed. Then, she turns your around and massages your front chest. Slowly, she sinks to her knees and begins stroking you and licking your cock while the water washes over her. After a few minutes of attention, she stands back up, grabs the soap and gently washes your body all over. She pays special attention to your cock, balls and then turns you around to gently clean your ass by spreading your cheeks and delving deeply in the crease. She continues to lightly stroke your body all over as you stand under the hot spray to rinse the soap off.

Once you are clean, she reaches around you and shuts off the water and as you exit the shower, she reaches for the towel and begins drying you off. Once you are both dry, you proceed to the bedroom where the room is awash with candlelight. The scents are wonderful and you become more relaxed. She gently leads you to the bed, asks you to lie on your stomach and straddles you. She then begins a long massage with kneading hands, lightly stroking fingertips and finally she begins her assault with her nails that you enjoy so much. Starting at the top of your head, moving around your neck, down your back, across your ass and back up again. Over and Over she repeats this until you are "purring". Slowly, she slides down your legs, reaches with her hands and gently kneads your cheeks. Spreading quick wet kisses on them occasionally. After several minutes, she spreads your cheeks and gently blows on the hole. She smiles as she watches it pucker. Then, ever so gently, she begins rimming you with her tongue. Over and over again, up and down the crack, stroking the hole. Until you think you will go crazy with the sensation. Finally, you beg her to put her tongue in you. This is what she has been waiting for! She spreads your cheeks further apart and begins fucking your ass with her tongue. In and out, over and over again.

You quickly find yourself thrusting to her tongue, trying to take more of it in. Finally, you can stand it no longer and you flip her over, lift her legs and drive your hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. Pounding her as hard as you can, you feel the orgasm building quickly and you are ready to explode. You tell her you are about to cum, she looks at you and smiles, and says she can't wait to feel your throbbing cock release your juices in her pussy.

After you cum, you lay side by side facing each other and touching. She tells you how much she enjoyed pleasuring you for a change and that she looks forward to taking the next step soon by inserting something in your ass for you to feel.

Sam19362 80M

5/6/2005 9:52 am

Right now I am so hard I wish I had someone blowing me now

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