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8/16/2006 6:07 am
Humour me

Been in AdultFriendFinder for a few days, use to be an AdultFriendFinder member a good few months back with a quite simmiliar handle....Can't say I was sucessful... But I'd say i'm pretty close...
Like I say.. humour me... Why is it that every guy/girl/couple who look at my profile tell me they dig asian chicks.... Is it too much manga/hentai/anime from japan or we just am rare? I can't imagine myself being considered as an exotic pet all locked up in a glass confinement for admiration till eternity comes... And why is it people could never differentiate japanese, chinese or koreans or vietnamese from one another? Well guess it's only fair.. cause irish, french, germans and etc look the same to us...and Why are we asians always looked(am) so tiny compared...? Well i guess lower body center equals more stability....*laughs* Sometimes I make myself laugh by being so self assuring....
Life is fair after all...(at least at some points)

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