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LustBabyScorpio 40F
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2/17/2006 12:14 am

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My Moral Compass

I Am A Mistress, And A solitary
Practitioner Of Left Handed Paths.

As a lifestyle Mistress, I have adopted to some ways of life that though may be un acceptable to you, are quite comfortable to Me. It is by My choice that I live this way, I make no amends for it, nor do I care if it is not in agreeince with your standards.You don't pay My way, nor do I look to you to honor Me. That, I get from My own sense of self worth.

In My years, I have accomplished much, learned from wounderful people, that mentored Me. Some did so like a family member. Nurturing Me, and teaching Me that some traditions, though seeminly old fashioned, are worth keeping I now hold these traditions near to Me also. They have become part of the fabric of that which is ME.
So you don't like it. Do I care? Hell no. Do you dare to make a life choice that may take dedication, persistance, daily practice, and at times isolation, in order to be what you believe is right? I do.

Do you enjoy simpler things, and cry as the sun sets, and rejoice in It's glory as it again rises in the new day? I do. I take speacial care of all life in and around My world, to the bes of My abilities. Careful not to tread to closly to others own Life Path, I choose My Path, and walk it daily. Do You?
I am a speacial creature, a Star, a wounderious thing of beauty and radiating light, that not only inlightens, but gives light, and I am awed,inspired, and honored to be that which I am.
I live in accordance with my moral compass, ever directing Me, along a path that is aware of the natural surroundings, and people. For thoughs who call to Me, as Mistress, they know, that I am far from arrogant, and closer to humility than most of you think other wise.
Yes, Beautiful and Intelligent, I am both, hard for many to believe, or willing to understand.
Sleep well. I hope that as you grow older, you also grow wiser, and seek to right thoughs you have wronged, and be humbled by it. I hope that you find the courage to imbrace who you really are, and live in accordance with that, and though some of you may be afraid, you face it brave, walking ever upright, and proud.[/]

Polyorchic 63M

2/18/2006 11:37 pm

When I read your article, I was struck by the courage you exhibit.
It is a rare individual who is willing to delve deep into themselves.
I do not normally respond with comments, yet your powerful images of consciousness of choice spoke to my spirit. I will not judge you for I do my own work in solitary and know that is often where I find my own answers. Know only that you are acknowledged by another. May you find whatever you seek.

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