Holy Shit am I the only imperfect  

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8/25/2005 12:57 pm

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Holy Shit am I the only imperfect

One thing I dispise is a person that is constantly lurking on the way side, just for someone to fuck up....ie; Post, bad photo, story, whatever..
It has been my experience that these types of people that look for errs in others are those who them selves don't feel like they fit in. For them to gain acceptance, is to down people, critique, and say other unnesessary comments. It is as if they are so put off by others imperfections, that they cannot believe the audacity of them even coming out in public. It is my humble, and completely worthless opinion that these people will never meet up to their own unrealistic standards of a person that they will ultimately live out their lives buying pussy, and having live in pussy friends that are of no real importance to them accept when they spout bullshit .... Great way to get laid I'd say. But what would I know? I am a mere mortal among gods. Or is that GADS!

LustBabyScorpio 40F
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8/27/2005 12:10 pm

Oh Shit If I mUSt!!

I had written an article, and I had just remembered it, so I got on the computor, and wrote is it came, not paying attention to my spelling etc....Well befor I spell checked it, it got posted... It was unlike me, and completly out of characture, because I am a real anal tard about it. I was angrey that it was posted, but managed to spell check it and post it where it was ment, none the less. I got unfavorible reviews, not that any of those ass holes know me, or the work I put in here. As it is what I do to pay for my privileges here. None the less one asshole put in a rude statement, and then another. I felt compeled to let him, them know that they best look at my articles befor critiquing them. While in this case i undoubtedly know it was because of low self esteem that caused the remarks, and not constructive. Constuctive crtique i can handle, blatant rudeness I cannot. So for thet I wrote each a letter, and then posted one here.... The article is in Swinging, but the faux pax is in erotic stories you'll see if you care to...LOve you Friend, You are very intuitive ahhye?? I did the hell outta yea, but go ahead and check it out...tell me honistly whether or not i took personally.

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