Again just Rambled Scambled Words  

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8/3/2005 12:22 pm

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Again just Rambled Scambled Words

Along the path I walked alone to a place I had never know, green grass, and blue hazy sky's, balanced with sunrays beautiful to the eyes, Around the path that I can upon, a girl sang soft a golden song, sweet melodies of pasts gone by, memories of laughter all in my life, Rainbow rang off her golden hair, she turned to me, and began to stare. Come her mistress, I hold the key, of what is, and what shall be. I walked to the place that she sat beneath the tree, and the song she sang, spoke words to me.
For you feel as if you are alone, when if fact your on your way home.

Then I remembered it all came running back, this was in fact the golden path, my souls work was now done. And my soul become rays from the setting sun.

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