New Years Eve  

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1/15/2006 10:51 pm

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New Years Eve

I know this may be a little late to start a blog about my New Years Eve night, but I always say better late than never. Well here it goes.

It starts off with me going to work. I really don’t remember how work was that day so will gloss on over it. So I stroll home from work and prepare myself for the night’s festivities. That night was going to be the night; I had three parties lined up and did not plan to miss a single one. One with a girl who did not have many friends in Lubbock, the second was going to be with the lovely group, Couples for Threesomes Lubbock, and the third with my friends from work.

I decided to go with my friend who didn’t have many friends here in Lubbock, because I did not want to feel alone on New Years. Then I could visit the others and make it back at her house by 12 or so that was the plan. Also somewhere in there I needed to find time to eat so I would not drink on an empty stomach.

So after I got myself all nice and pretty, I called my friend to see if I was still eligible to come over to her house. She said it was cool, and so I went over to her. Before I went to her house, I tried look up to see where Babydolls was located, because I did not whether the Couples for Threesomes Lubbock party was going to be there or at Fox and Hound. When I could not find the address in the phonebook, I remembered that Babydolls is a new strip club and probably was not in the phonebook So I said fuck it, and went on to my friend’s apartment.

Originally I was going to eat at McDonald’s or somewhere to get a quick meal into my body before I head over there, but I figured it would waste too much time. Plus, I could always offer to go get something after I came over. Well it turned out that she had already eaten and did not want to go out and eat. So I chilled at her place for a while without food in my stomach.

Another surprise was that she had a guy friend over from her home town. It was cool we helped move some stuff into her apartment and the guy and I got to know each other a little better. Next thing you know he pulls out a bottle of José Cuervo and offers me some. I was little hesitant to take that first shot, but then I told myself I will ask to leave for some food in a little while. So we sat, talked, and watched some TV. Then Mary Jane decided to come and join the party. So we passed the bong around along with a couple of jay’s and got jarelli (it’s a word I made up [Jah- real- e]).

After couple more shots of tequila, I told my friend that I had to go get something to eat. Not wanting me to leave, she gave me some food to eat, some Christmas leftovers. So there I am sitting on the side cushion chowing down on some honey roasted ham while listening to this guy go own about why he went to prison, how many years he spent there, and etcetera. This guy seemed pretty cool, but I just wasn’t digging his ghetto fabulous vibe.

So I started to inch my way to the door, and after a couple more shots of tequila and a couple of joints I headed out to Fox and Hound to see if anybody from AdultFriendFinder showed up. When I arrived at Fox and Hound, I slid over to the bar and ordered a Maredsous. After the bartender handed my drink, I searched around for the group. I started with the right section and worked my way to the left. There wasn’t anybody in the right or center sections, but there two groups on the right who could have possibly been the AdultFriendFinder group. So I go over to see if I recognize any one and realized that most of the pictures of people on AdultFriendFinder either show their breasts, genitalia, or ass, which is hard to use to recognize people with (this motivated me to write “A Novel Idea”).

So I headed to the party with the people I work with. When I got there, the party was starting to warm up. Immediately, I started with the salutations to people I did not know. Since there were orderves, I helped myself to some. I frequently found myself caught up in little dance; I would go outside talk to a friend’s voicemail and then rush back inside to talk to the people at the party. I remember I kept saying was droned (drunk and stoned) on the voicemails and how the people inside didn’t know.

Finally, I decided that I was more high than drunk. To fuel up the engine a little, I asked a stranger for a Jaiger-bomb ( the party was byob and I didn’t have any b). The Jaiger-bomb was just the way I liked it a little heavy on the Jaiger. Then figured I need a drink to walk around with so I asked the chief projectionist from my job for a Fat-Tire. Straying to the dining room area, I heard the host offer to do Irish car bombs with whoever wanted it.

Before go on let me explain more about what an Irish car bomb is. It is a half a shot of an Irish Cream Liqueur (usually Bailey’s) with a half shot of Irish Whiskey (usually Jameson). Next the shot glass is dropped into a glass of Guinness Draught (an Irish brew) and then is suckled on down into the gullet. The result is the most heavenly aroma laid on to your taste buds. Secondly, the Irish car bomb is like my crack/cocaine; I had to get me one!

After my car bomb, I decided to lay off the booze for a while. As it was getting close to midnight, I started smooth my way into the living room where the bulk of the party was. I determined that I was going to stay here the stroke of midnight. Since the honey was flowing, I hoped to get a drop and kiss a girl at the stroke of midnight. Then maybe if I was lucky and played my cards right I could get laid. If things went awry I would go back to my friend’s apartment and see what things I could muster there.

Back into the living room I found out, everyone was karaoke. Since I did not know the words to the song that was playing, I sat down on the couch until a song I new played. Meanwhile, I saw fellow co-worker who I’ve heard as lovely voice. I asked her if she could grace at some point in the night with the beauty that is her voice. Suddenly, everything started fading to black.

When I came to, I was lying naked on my couch with only my high school letter jacket to give me warmth. Immediately, I investigated my trailer house to see where I had doth my clothes. What the fuck happened? Did I get laid? If only I was that fortunate. I found my clothes lying in the room adjacent to the living room. Apparently, I had taken them off for some reason before I passed out.

Having solved this mystery, I went to go my cell phone to see what time it was. When I found my cell phone, I notice the batteries were dead. Upon discovering this news, I leapt toward my front door to see if my jeep was in the driveway. To my dismay, my jeep wasn’t there. The only cell phone charger that I had was in Lubbock was the care charger in my jeep.

How am I going get a ride to my vehicle if I can’t use my cell phone?! I tried asking neighbors for a ride, but they all politely rejected me. I probably should have asked them to use the phone, but I thought why ask if I can use their phone to call somebody to pick me up when they can do it themselves. The only place I could call any would be work because I don’t know my friends numbers since they are in my cell phone.

Then I made an attempt to go to the neighborhood pay phone. It was so dusty and windy on the first I decided to wait inside until the dust settled. Once the dust settled, I traveled down to the pay phone. Since the only change I had was in pennies, I had to call collect. I called work thinking after hearing my predicament somebody would come pick me up. I called the first time and got message saying it was unable to accept my call. After that I called two more times. Both times the message stated it detected answering machine service and was unable to get me through.

All out of options, I hung my head low and moseyed on home. Anger started to swell up inside of me as I blamed friends for not bring my car home with me last night. Shortly, I realized they are not to blame for this. If wouldn’t have gotten so drunk last night I would not be in this predicament. Then I started thinking what did I do last? Do my friends still love me or do they hate me? How am I going to get to my jeep? If I can’t call any or get to my vehicle how would I survive?

Finally I realized if I wanted to survive that I need to stop sitting on tail feathers feeling sorry for myself. So I stared trekking to my friend’s apartment complex. When I got to the apartment to ask him for ride he said his brother had their vehicle and was at work. I took a deep breathe and kept on moving along until I finally made to my vehicle. When I got home, it was 11: 00 pm. I could not believe that I walked from North Quaker and Clovis all the way to Indiana and 45th and still was a little energetic.

The next day I went to work and explain everything to my boss and fortunately was able to keep my job. Never again will I ever take the inventions of the automobile and the cell phone lightly. I also apologized to everybody for whatever I did when I blacked-out. Apparently it wasn't as bad as I had thought I was just basically telling everybody to fuck off.

On that walk I made my New Year’s resolutions:

1.) I am going to get to know my neighbors
2.) I am going to make a back-up list of all
the numbers in my cell phone.
3.) I am not drinking alcohol for a long while
and when I do start drinking it again it
only going to be beer. No liquor.
4.) I am going to work out and get back into

Let this story be a lesson to you. Be careful in the endeavors you chose to take. Remember that your actions have consequences. So have fun, be merry, and get laid, but remember to use protection. I am not trying to preach, but simple actions can cause your life to take drastic turns.

MoonSunEarth Man signing off: You may kiss under the MOON but don’t look directly at the Sun, and I will be yours as long as your EARTH bound.

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