Lucky80550 46M
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4/7/2006 11:23 pm

Big John's ol'lady was givin' him hell about never spending time with her. One day she told him no more nookie until he changed his ways. The very next day Big John put the P-pad on his scoot and took the ol'lady to the zoo. After walking around for a while, they came to the gorilla cage. The ape ran up to the bars and started thumping his chest. Big John said, "I believe he likes you! show him your tits, baby." she pulls her shirt off and the gorilla starts going apeshit! "Damn, honey, show him your beaver. "so she pulled off her shorts. Now the ape is going toally nuts. Big John reaches over, opens the cage door, tosses his ol'lady inside, slams the door, and as he walks away, he says to his ex-ol'lady, "Tell him no nookie!"

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