A day in the life of Mocha...  

LuciousMocha 35F
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7/5/2006 7:21 pm

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8/17/2006 5:27 pm

A day in the life of Mocha...

Ok, so it's the day after Fourth of July!!!
The Goal was to compete with the Independence day fireworks and make some sparks and flames of my own...

Went to Fort Lauderdale Hustler Store with a few of my equally adventurous and open-minded girlfriends and looked at Ass-less chaps, Teeny tiny thongs ; You know stuff for the next Fetish Party! I am a fan of things that have exotic tastes, part of my oral fixation. So we tried and played with lots of tasty fruit flavored lubes.I even tried something called "Nipple Lube" my nipples have never been harder or warmer!.I absolutely fell in Love with two things there.
1.Warming body massage oils! Ouch!!
2.The stripper pole!( I WANT ONE SOOO BAD)

You gotta give it up to strippers, They work it for those dollars!

Anyways...I Gotta have a kick ass costume for the next Fetish Party, It's been a while since I've made a "Grand Entrance" Still searching for that Jaw-dropping, next to nothing, leather masterpiece!...

Boodylicious Busiers, Edible panties and 4 hour long "Ebony and Ivory Porn-o's" Gosh... You just Gotta Love the Hustler store!!! "Everyday I'm Hustlin..."

rm_hawk02006 47M

7/5/2006 8:04 pm

Lucious, I think you look fine, I'd love to fuck you with ass-less chaps and warming lube, but who'd be wearing the chaps?

rm_TopherNmiami 47M

4/14/2007 2:42 pm

I would love to Escort you to a upcoming Fetish Party... Leather and vinyl...Some Very Erotic memories of Past parties... I feel so good when I can let loose in "public" and showoff my not-so-perfect body...
I love the Static Table, the one when women lye on their backs and a thin metallic sheet covers their bodies, until the attendant begins a dance with metallic pom-poms, causing static shocks to the Woman lying down. Concentrations of static delivery can be placed in the most sensitive areas of a womans body, repeatedly. I have seen women experience full blown orgsams during the sensation sessions...

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