May I?  

LtsTlk2Nite 50M
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7/17/2006 4:02 pm
May I?

Her eyes to me shine like stars in the night
The shape of her cheek, the graceful flowing curve of her neck
In her arms I would drown, my own eyes fill with longing As I gaze at her lips,
I ache to touch her soul Make her laughter ring out clear and melodious as a chiming bell But still, her eyes to me shine like jewels on a ring of gold and silver
Her lips to me are as wonderous as the petals of a rose In the curve of my neck I dream of them to nestle and lie
She has awoken the desire in me to be a better man
I am intoxicated by her heady aroma, spring showers and apple blossoms
In her presence I loose my breath, my heart swells and races But still, her lips to me are as wonderous as butterfly wings
I am spell bound by her woman-hood, her charm, her grace
I long too touch her cheek
My arms ache from the want to embrace her
She dances across my mind at every waking thought A will o' wisp, always just out of reach What am I to do for I am smitten,
I am a fish on her lure
I pray to hold her hand,
look into her eyes and say, "May I."

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