Your explanation (a short one)  

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Your explanation (a short one)

Okay… I am not impressed with this person’s comments; I am however going to offer a short response anyway…

Mind you that I have posted very long details about my life and myself in previous blogs.

I am very shy at first when meeting “anyone” male or female. I can write with great passion and move a mountain when I need to. My words are just not as good when face to face and thus it leaves me making a bad impression.

Secondly, I do not like the term dating…

If I am to date a woman I would handle it no differently then a marriage and I wish more people did that. A lot of people lie, I am open and honest! You date before tying the not, but many people play a game when dating and I have no desire for such childish activities. If I want to play a game then I will go in my bedroom and play my xbox! I do not believe in using a person as a game… it is as cruel as cruel can get!

I grew up with a brother and sister that slept around with a lot of men and women. I will “not” follow their footsteps!

I believe in passion and “making love” and not fu**ing like a pornstar. Sure I want it rough now and again, but that is not very often!

I care about kissing and massaging a woman from head to toe! Not just slamming myself in and out of her genita*s.

I have no desire to “ever’ experience multiple women at once… it is not possible to truly make love to two women at once. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool and a liar. Making love to someone requires total dedication and you can not achieve that 100% when having sex with multiple people!

I have had a lot of female friends who were nice until they lost their virginity’s to worthless men and then began partying and sleeping around like animals. For several years they were very passionate and loving, then they get their heartbroken and suddenly act like a wild animal!

I have spent my life discovering myself; most people do not do that. They worry about themselves after having slept around with half a million people! Look at college… today many kids go to college and end up in majors they do not really want or like. They do it because they do not know who they are or what they want to do and thus do not follow their heart because they have no idea at all who they really are!

I began doing community service work with disabled and homeless children when I was 13. I have never met or heard of someone that age doing such a thing aside from two people in history that I will not name. I know a few people that are my age and have done helping work a few times and then stopped. I have not stopped; I help others above myself “all” the time. That is the duty of a knight… to protect the innocent even if it hurts them in return! He is to risk his life at every turn and “never” consider himself before considering another…

I want a woman that knows how to love… and so far, the only women I have met (in person) have no talents at all other then the ability to spread their legs open. All the profiles I search here from the women that are my age… all clearly say they just want sex with nothing else involved. Only a very select “few” state otherwise!

Not all women here are like that… and they know whom I am talking about because I talk to them somewhat regularly…

I am open and honest… for once I would like a woman to give me the same honesty that I give her! Only one woman has done that recently, but she wouldn’t want a guy my age anyway since I am so much younger. Not to mention how far away she is, it just couldn’t happen.


That is enough for now, I posted a much deeper bit in previous blogs. “The birth of a modern knight (part one thru six).

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6/18/2005 1:21 am


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6/18/2005 12:08 am

My ex-husbands is 27 and 44, and they still play in the dirt like a 2 year old, and act like they are 7.
No sense of responsibility for either of them.
Band is more important than kids for one, and mud trucks and demos are more important for the other.
I see it as more time for me with my kids though.

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6/17/2005 8:16 pm

I have noticed that...

They forget that legally "adulthood" begins at age 18. I see it though as most people not reaching "true" adult maturity till 28 thru 35. Some do not reach it till their 40's and 50's in today's society.

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