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3/21/2005 1:32 pm

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Your Explanation...

I suppose I better explain Better

Test results do not claim we (INFJ’s) are stubborn know-it-alls. For instance it is my theory that the reason more women do not experience uterine orgasms is because of the increased amount of oral sex (cunnilingus). Clitoral orgasms cause the vagina to balloon, this in return makes it tense up, once it tenses up it will not relax again during that session. Oral sex is obviously very pleasurable for many women, I think the solution is within the fact that men need to please women more frequently without it always having to result in them fucking her. By increasing the rate at which a man normally pleasures a woman it can then increase the desire for a woman to want penetration without cunnilingus (oral sex). I love to eat a woman out; I would never want to take that away! A balance of the two has to be created or women will still continue to not be able to experience uterine orgasms.

I regards to your “how do I know I am a INFJ”? Simply put I have taken various online tests as well as a mail order test that actually costs $83. This is not to mention the fact that I had to undergo almost 6 months of psychiatric tests when I was 13 after my mothers best friend died in a serious accident. When her friend died she just about literally went insane and the state got involved to make sure that my brother, sister and myself were not in harms way. It was discovered that I was an INFJ then, however they did not explain to me what that meant. It was not till I took the mail order test and read several books that taught me what it meant.

Seeing as I have spent my life putting other people above myself, considering I gave up my future to help my sister so she would not die from her eating disorders. Considering I have been doing community service for 7 weeks a summer since the age of 13 as a head baker for a troubled kids camp. These are things that most people just do not do or care about very often today especially at the age I am at.

Part of the reason I had to undergo those tests were because I got involved with the wrong group of friends when I was 13. I made some very bad choices because I wanted to finally fit in. In the end they finally did something that made my heart reveal itself to the state and me. I was put in a position to do nothing and possibly other people end up getting hurt by my friends, or I could tell on them and literally help save lives. I don’t believe in telling on my friends, so instead I informed the police that I had done it and did not mention anything about my friends. This did not sit well at all, at the age of 13 I found out exactly what it was like the day Jesus died on the cross, the feeling when your friends, family, and the entire town turn their back on you. (As to the exact situation, I will not discuss it; even what I mentioned already is none of your concern). I have discussed it with several of the women I have met here though cause I trust women, not men.

I have been studying sex, but for less time then many have mentioned. Obviously I naturally know a high amount, and have the ability to write about it. Many members believe that I copy everything I write, they claim over and over that it is impossible for a virgin of my age to even know half of what I do actually know. Most of what I write is not actually in any books, I noticed it because I know how to read between the lines.
When most men hear the word “vagina” they think, slick pussy, god I need to get my dick wet, mmm that’s a nice wet cunt, or I need to put that heat seeker right to it.

When I hear the word “vagina” I think vulva. The vulva is in reference to all of her genitals where as the vagina is not. They think in a rather childish and closed-minded sense and I think in a much more free open-minded sense. All those men who only think of a vagina in a sexual way makes me rather sick, it has many uses to the female body, women are not a piece of meat and neither is their vagina.

You are upset because I posted a comment that men should stop posting so many comments and questions about the size of their penis. I am sure there are actually more women sick of seeing this question then I actually am. I am only 6 inches so I am not being a jerk; I am average just like many of them. I know how to use my penis though, and I know the reasons why women physically and psychologically desire various sizes. If a woman thinks I am to small then that is her problem and not mine, if she wants to go to bed with a penis (dick) then I am not her man. I have been a leader and hero for a long time and my community service is just the stepping stone. My book is the second part; it proves that all those people who claim virgins know nothing are horrifically wrong. All those people who claim I steal others work and all that, well publishing companies check all that and they require proof of quotes if you use a lot of them. As long as I own a copy of the material the quotes came from and proof that I paid for it then I am legally allowed to take use of the “fair use” act (law). This allows me to copy up to 250 words per quote as long as I sight the source and author that it comes from. As a matter of fact, the book “Guide to getting it on” has a copy of the fair use act right on it’s copyright page and has a note right below it that strongly encourages members to copy some of it’s information.

I do “not” copy any information for my articles, but I am at the start of each of my chapter’s in/for my book. 3 quotes per chapter all from different books, this is wonderful advertising for me and for the authors who wrote those books. I am also writing book reviews for almost 100 different books that will be published at the end of the book and will drastically help sales for those authors.

If you are writing a book review then you are legally allowed to copy and quote much larger portions of text.

You claimed that I compared myself to Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. well that is not the case. I was naming some of the famous people that were INFJ’s! There is a list of famous people for each of the 16 personality types. It just so happens that INFJ’s have the most famous of them though. I am proud and honored to know I am only at the most shared with 2% of the known population. I am proud and honored to be able to do my community service work because many other people do not care about helping others. When I was 13 most of the other kids were off screwing around or partying, I instead was out helping others. No role model, I had no parents to help me out, I had to help and teach myself until I got the help of that doctor and his nurses. I was even more honored when he testified when I was 15 to allow me to legally drop out of school; I then used that time to attend to my sister because she was dying from 2 eating disorders.
My entire adult life I have spent helping and saving others. Although it is depressing to always help others and never ever have anyone even help me once, I still love the feeling I get knowing that in today’s world, there is literally virtually no other human being in existence like me. I am a man of nobility and honor, I do not need a bible to guide me, my heart and passion is powerful enough all on it’s own.

I am sorry you got offended about me posting a blog about the fact I am sick of all the guys crying about the size of their penis. I have more important things to worry about personally, we have millions of people starving and dying on the streets, wars in various places, and that is not even the start of the real problems.

I think you will be more upset after I get a company to publish my book, you have to understand that many people love to boast about how many times and different people that they have sex with. I am proof that it is possible to gain very high sexual knowledge without even having sex. Obviously I have an abnormally high interest in both the mental and physical aspects of sex, despite my desire and interest I still do not sleep around and when I do start to I most certainly will not be reckless about it. My knowledge and actions alone confirm I am an INFJ, no test results required. I am very deep in thinking and that has many advantages.

I could be a jerk and keep my knowledge to myself, but I don’t believe in being selfish. I have spent my life trying to help people and I will continue to do so until the day I pass. It is who I am and I will not change that now, or ever. Knowledge is more powerful then most people realize today, there is such a thing as not thinking enough and then there is also thinking too much. The truth is that most people today just do not think ENOUGH! If a man truly cares about making love to a woman and pleasing her above himself then he would not be thinking about his penis. Instead he would be thinking about the numerous pleasure areas of a woman’s body aside from just her vagina. He could also buy some larger sex toys if he wanted to offer a difference in size every once and awhile. There are hundreds of different things that can be done when it comes to size issues!

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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3/23/2005 8:38 am

I agree, that is the point I was trying to make before the member bashed me for telling the guys to stop bitching about their penis insecurities!

They need to learn how to use what they have and stop worrying about it's size.

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3/23/2005 7:43 am

I would like to say, once and for all, that a Bigger penis size isn't always Better to Women. Those types of comments that 'Bigger is Better' are a perpetuated myth, as well as the myths that All Women 'prefer' oral sex over sexual intercourse, enjoy having their nipples pinched, etc. This just isn't so!
Fantastic Lovemaking or sex is truly an art, I think, and is best expressed by a partner thru the others 'individual unique needs and desires.'

rm_LoliChan 49F
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3/23/2005 12:01 am

I understood you immediatly when I first saw those 4 letters. I am an INTP (NT being a rather odd combination) I have really enjoyed your blog. I wish more men would read it, your suggestions made me tingle all over.

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