What do I believe?  

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3/31/2006 3:34 pm
What do I believe?

I have recently been told that everything contained within a book is wrong. Who told me this? My girlfriends parents told me this because I was offended by the fact that they allow their teenage son and his teenage girlfriend to have sex in their house without trying to discourage it or even encourage them to use a condom when doing it.

As a result of this, I stopped interacting with their son and his girlfriend. I was repulsed by how they acted in public as well. When his girlfriend would go to public places and sit on a bench and suck on the neck of a bottle like she was giving her boyfriend a blowjob, this was a deciding point for me that I did not want to be around them. After finding out that they were caught having sex at a recent funeral, I was even less impressed with them.

I ended up in a very big blowup with my girlfriends parents. I got sick and tired of them always glorifying their 16 year old son and talking to my girlfriend (their daughter) like she was a worthless piece of crap.

As a result of all of this, my girlfriend has disowned her family. As expected, they blame me for her actions. They claim that I am a horrible influence on her. They even claim that she never use to care about her brother having sex with his girlfriend until she met me. What they do not know is that she told me when I first met her that she was disappointed with the fact that her parents allow their son and his girlfriend to have sex in their house.

As the blowup continued, I pointed out to her parents a few things that they did not like.

They were trying to get me to like them because they knew that my girlfriend would follow suite with whatever choice I made. As a result, her parents tried to tell me that they never allowed the two of them to have sex.

I reminded them of one simple thing… they knowingly allowed them to sleep in a bed together. You minus well just invite them to be having sex together.

Her mother is always bragging about how mature and smart her son is. I reminded her that she claims she allowed her son and his girlfriend to sleep in the same bed together because she felt he was mature enough to not engage in sexual activities. I simply reminded her that he failed in her test. She believed he would be mature enough to not have sex, and he jumped at the opportunity to have sex. This is not the actions of a mature individual.

Her mother and father then asked me how I planned to stop my child from someday having sex. I reminded them that I never plan on trying to stop my son or daughter from having sex. All I care about is knowing that they know how to have sex in a way that will please them “and their partner.”

It is not my children having sex that worries me. It is the fact that they may not attend to the needs of their partner that bothers me.

As modern research shows…

The younger a person is when they have sex, the more likely they are to have failed relationships.

The younger a woman is when she becomes sexually active, the more likely a woman is to not experience an orgasm. (This is due to the fact that doctors and sex therapists have found that nearly 70% of women can not orgasm during sex until they first learn to orgasm through masturbation). Overall, a woman’s ability to orgasm has absolutely nothing to do with a man or whatever partner she chooses. A woman’s comfort level and ability to achieve orgasm is based on her awareness, self control, self esteem, and several other factors. Men have it much easier, they can achieve an orgasm through certain amounts of stimulation naturally where as a woman has to allow herself to “let go.”

I run into a dilemma here though…

If what my girlfriend’s parents say is true and that the information contained within books is always “false.” Why is my sister now doing exactly what my books explain many parents do?

According to my books, one of the leading reasons why women are highly promiscuous or frigid is because of how parents raise them; particularly when it comes to genital touching.

My sister’s two year old daughter is now in the stage of always touching her private area and taking off her clothes. My sister’s response to her when she does this is, “Don’t touch your privates, it is yucky.” The books say that almost all of the parents that exist say these kinds of things to their children in regards to this issue.

Since parents do this, it creates an image in the minds of children (especially young ladies) that touching of the vagina or any area around it is a very disgusting thing. As a result, this belief never changes.

This increases the possibility that a child might have sex oppose to masturbate. They want the area to be touched and yet are told they should not touch it themselves. As we all know and see, these women then seek men or other female friends to touch it for them. (A lot of the teenage girls I have interviewed have admitted that their first sexual experiences took place in a group setting during sleep-overs).

With all of this in mind, I do not know if I should discuss this with my sister. She is following all of the patterns that doctors and psychologists strongly discourage a parent to follow. Seeing as though so many people think they know everything there is to know about sex, I am not sure how I should handle anything.

Every conversation I have had face to face with a person in the last year has ended up in the person I was conversing with admitting they do something that doctors say they do.

If my girlfriend’s parents are correct, then 90% of the doctors and psychologists that exist in our world would not have any clients.

To be continued…

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