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7/29/2005 5:57 am

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Upcoming and previous blogs

I have posted some blogs over the past few days that are very short (actually long for a blog) “rough” drafts for different chapters in my book. I am going to repeat that they are indeed very much rough drafts.

If you have input that you would like to offer then I am more then open to your ideas.

I often write something and then very slowly pick away at it. Normally I will write what I would consider 4 or 5 rough drafts before I get a format that I really like.

I am trying to keep my blogging down to 1 to 3 posts a day because I need to be working on my book and that involves researching and writing. I will post another section later today that I have pretty much done. I have a few additions to make and I might toy with reformatting it because it is a little messy.

I know some of you ladies wish men treated you better and since that is what my book is about… feel free to offer your advice or even experiences if you wish.

MsLoveRose 33F  
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7/29/2005 2:04 pm

that post was rushed...the end needs clarity....

Knowing i had the upper hand and being confident i didnt feel threatened by his rude behavior. Even after being called out to give a response...when do you think is the best time to deal with an issue head on like that? clearly there was nothing for me to gain from the experience...i guess thats why i didnt feel at liberty to say anything. That doesnt make me less of a person or what he claims me to be....i guess its one of those pick your own battles kind of thing....

live more, laugh often, love much

MsLoveRose 33F  
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7/29/2005 11:54 am

i have a recent experience id like to share...

it has to do with being "high maintenance"

I was just visiting my bestfriend...he came home from college and brought a good buddy of his that he knows from the campus....this guy was just an idiot....to say the least....when i got in the house....there was no respect, he was rude, selfish, and just an idiot...my bestfriend knows what kind of person i am and how i just dont like to be around simple minded people so he asked if i would help him unpack a few things...mainly so he could apologize and save his friend from getting a verbal lashing from me!

It was a kind gesture...but i assured him i would be nice...and just not say anything. Now i have known my best friend for ages...and his place is my place...and mine his!!! This guy had a problem with that. The fact that i knew everything...at least about his house, that meant i wanted more than just friendship....and the names started falling out of his mouth! I became a secret fanatic...in his words a scared love slave...??? with a hidden lust for my best friend. after that assumption i was done...actually i was done when he said hi...but this etched it in my mind what kind of person he was.....the night went on with rude remarks...and needless assumptions. i got up to get another drink...and my best friend politely asked for another....he on the other hand...said "yeah bring me one of them too...but dont shake it...i dont like the fizz" (they were drinking beer) I was at the freezer and had to stop in my tracks....and i think my bestfriend knew that i had enough so he got up and decided to get it...he said to him be careful how you talk to a lday man...they deserve a bit more respect that that!

Now that was good...and it made me feel a bit better. quick to his defense he only made things worse. He just wanted to know why my best friend was so quick to defend me. he said it seems like i am on of those prissy, high-maintenance, women who need to control any man in their life....that was very funny and i got a really good laugh out of it....but he didnt find that to be so amusing....i thought to myself does he really believe this.... so i asked him to elaborate....he went on to say that from what he has seen tonight...i need a "puppy dog man"-one who will just do as i say with the snap of the finger!...he thought i was heavy with the demands, and that i just had to the world on a platter for me to pick and choose as i please....

Instead of giving him some peace of mind...i pretty much remained quiet and just laughed at the thoughts he was thinking...now i could have been nice...and explained to him but somehow...i dont think it would have got through to him anyway....and he just said that everyone was entitled to an opinion and that was his...he was suprised to see that i didnt have anything to say....i just said to him that i wouldnt waste the time if was paid to!

he really didnt understand that comment nor did he like it so well...and since he was a guest i decided it was time for me to leave...didnt want to impose and clearly my best friend didnt want me to go he was ready to send him to a hotel or something...telling me it was just for the night that he was there...but it was not that deep for me...i have grown to understand the way some people think...and if they are not even remotely close to the same path...wavelength...page...whatever... i try to make an effort to just not even debate whatever comes out of their mouth.....

my bestfriend was somewhat suprised...he was actually looking forward for me to give this guy a piece of my mind...but understood that i didnt really want to be bothered....

this brings me to the point of writing all this...your book is going to explain...help...educated....people on how to treat others...relationship wise...what about just in general??? maybe i have the wrong idea but this guy is clearly lost!!!! am i wrong..? as a person who knows better to not share what i feel? should i have just told him a few things just for thought...? all these questions run through my mind when i think about that night.

live more, laugh often, love much

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