Today, I am Troubled Again...  

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4/27/2006 1:58 pm

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Today, I am Troubled Again...

Today is a troublesome day for me…

Since I have a netflix account again, I decided to order some interviews with Joseph Campbell. Over the course of the last three hours, I have learned that much of what I write is nearly identical to what he taught throughout his life. Even some of the stories he used in the interview are the same as the stories I have used and we did it in an identical manner.

It bothers me that I can think on the same level as Joseph Campbell did. His education was far better than what mine has been. He had college professors and traveling to educate him. All I have had is meditation which allows for deep contemplation. I guess that when some people say, “you can achieve anything that you want if you put your mind to it,” this is very true.

On the upside, I can dig through Joseph’s works and elaborate upon some of his teachings. That would benefit my work by quoting a very inspirational and famous man as well as helping to remember him.

As I have said before, the greatest problem with a lot of modern writers is that they take credit for everything themselves as if they are some kind of super genius. Truthfully, nearly everything that could be said has already been said by someone else throughout history. A good writer would find out who originally said what it is they want to say and quote the original author and then elaborate upon that original saying.

I fear that this affects American’s more than it does a lot of other cultures. We see things like the Kama Sutra from India and yet nothing like it will ever be published by an American. The reason it won’t ever happen is because American’s think they can find a solution to every possible problem by inventing a device to fulfill that desire or need.

If an American man has a small penis he becomes depressed about it or he seeks help from a doctor or pharmaceutical company to surgically enlarge his small penis or enlarge it through taking pills.

In some other countries, they would find a way to live with what they have instead of trying to alter what they have. A man with a small penis might use sexual aids more often or use different sexual positions as a way of compensation. They would not try and actually alter their physical body though!

America still has a lot of maturing to do. Instead of inventing a larger cup for someone who has a large thirst, the person with the large thirst needs to learn to drink less or get off their lazy butt and poor themselves a drink more frequently.

I am afraid that these kinds of ideas, concepts and thoughts are to advanced for the Western Powerhouse though.

woofff 41F

4/30/2006 8:43 am

I read up on Campbell when I saw this post you know......are perceptive in that yes, historians suffer from the same blindness of self-importance that afflicts most of us in the here and now as human nature perhaps. But I would not say America is especially susceptible to that sort of blinkered approach LoveandHonor ... any more than any other developed country is.... I say developed because in India for eg, history spans a millenia and who is to say that some thought may have its roots in a hypothesis that had already been presented earlier? I think that history is subjective in its totality. So what is eventually believed takes precedence over other details like authorship.

I am afraid that these kinds of ideas, concepts and thoughts are to advanced for the Western Powerhouse though. (in reference of,) I do not agree with your aligning a relatively new born country alongside of India first of all....the Kama Sutra was written 2500 years ago...and it was written as a political missive. Its another matter altogether that as time passed, the Kama Sutra began to reach other stratas of Indian society and became a sort of heritage import to offer the world at large. At its inception the aim of the Kama Sutra or the Vedas or the Upnishads was to maintain the political structure that existed and in fact, refine that structure's effectiveness by culling any perspective that did not agree with the prevailing norms. What I am trying to say is that regardless of geography or sophistication or peculiarities of national character, the commonality amongst civilized nations is that it always backs the winner.

For better or worse, the USA is at the height of its noteriety as well as its power politically. Therefore how it perceives a challenge (example of thirsty man) has the same validity as did the Kama Sutra when it was first presented. In fact, I would suggest that it is wiser to take a leaf from the American thought because in this time and age that is the winning formula.


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