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8/9/2005 3:59 am

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The Internet

I often have to wonder about the creativity flowing around…

The Internet has done some good things but it has also done some very bad things…

Lots of people cut and paste information off various Internet websites and then post it here or at other websites.

I can’t call “cutting and pasting” another person’s writing or idea to be a very original thing because the person claiming to have created it did not actually create it.

In a lot of ways this is hurting the world because you can print everything off the Internet now when doing research and this does not require the same skill as taking your own personal notes while reading a book. Taking notes the old fashioned way allows the information to pass through the brain more often and thus will eventually make you naturally smarter.

I feel truly sorry for anyone who has to spend his or her day sitting at a computer. There are so many other fun things to do; yet a lot of people today are computer potatoes instead of the previous couch potatoes.

I hope that someday things change and people become less selfish. Technology is hurting us more then helping us.

What I find truly funny are all the people who hate war…

Nearly every truly powerful advancement that we have today, would not have been invented if not for WW II. Most inventions in general are the products of various wars and not the product of just a casual inventor.

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