Thank you Gentlemen...  

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8/13/2005 5:06 am

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Thank you Gentlemen...

Well that was an interesting surprise…

Thank you to the gentlemen that emailed me last night to discuss my book topics/ideas.

I posted a small brainstorm here… Book Sections ~Small Brainstorm~

I may of course alter the topics and such over time because this was really just a short and quick brainstorm. The problem I face is that a book covering the subjects that mine is going to would require it being well over 1,000 pages. To me it is more of a modern bible for men who still believe in chivalry so I know that many men would read it regardless of the size of it. A publishing company on the other hand might not like its depth.

I think it is for that reason that many authors have made no attempt at creating anything new in regards to re-establishing a form of honor and knighthood in the world.

Another large point for me in writing this is in proving that some virgins know a great deal more about sex than anyone would be willing to give them credit for. I am also a highschool dropout, which means my level of education is significantly less than a lot of people in the world. I have changed that however by spending between $5,000 to $10,000 a year on history books and sex books. Strangely many of my theories about both sex and medieval living and combat are however very correct according to most historians.

I have a great deal of will power apparently because most people today need the help of a teacher or college professor in order to actually learn anything deeply. Kind of like the military, those teachers baby-sit the students like a drill sergeant does new military recruits. Some of us do not require to constant attention that many others do. Those of us who have the ability to educate ourselves without needing to go to school need to make a stand on that. In America it is advertised everywhere that highschool dropout’s will never amount to anything. I am tired of hearing this stuff aired on the radio and even on some commercials on TV.

I will be posting short notes from time to time on what I have been studying…

I have had a lot of members here harassing me and state not only in my blog but their own as well that all the information I write about is false and a few other accusations. By giving random notes and the source the notes were taken from will eventually prove them to be incorrect.

Either way, if you have input that you would like to give on a subject I am studying then by all means feel free. I can not quote anyone, nor would I ask for permission to do so. However, it is nice to see some other people’s point of views on some of the modern actions within people in a singular sense and within society as well.

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