Slightly more information then I could give yesterday...  

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Slightly more information then I could give yesterday...

Just a suggestion…

For those looking to learn about Tantric pleasures…

I would recommend “O” the intimate history of the orgasm

It is about sex throughout the ages and gives historical information. It is all text (no pictures) and written by a former editor of a popular magazine (if I remember correctly).

It gives some detailed comparisons on the Tantric arts as well as who created them first. Many believe that the Hindu Kama Sutra was among the beginning… this is actually not true! It was one of the firsts… but there was an art created long before it.

As I have said… I am sorry to say that not anyone is going to be able to understand the tantric arts. It is about understanding the “entire” body and being able to connect totally with your partner during sexual activities. One who seeks to learn the tantric arts should be seeking knowledge of the body and soul more so then new sexual ideas.

Tantric sex is not something that many would be able to learn partially, let alone actually master. There is a lot of meditation and general awareness involved.

Personally, I have said it before and now I shall say it again…

It is a very good idea to study basic meditation and massage at the same time that you are slowly studying the tantric arts. It involves a lot of philosophy! Monks are the primary creators of some of these arts. The words you will read have multiple levels of meaning and you are not going to see all the different ones until you read it several times over.

Meditation for Dummies… is an excellent little guide. It won’t teach you a great deal in a deep sense, but it will give added insight to why it is so important and what it can do for you in “all” life aspects. One thing that many do not think of meditation helping is their sex life… when in actuality it is one of the first things it can improve.

The KISS guide to massage is also a nice little guide. It is not to fancy, but it gives some good insight and basic (illustrated) techniques.

I would highly suggest “all” women to read, Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot. I am a guy and I found this to be the best thing I have ever read (I have read it 13 times now in only 6 months because it is so interesting). I am sure it would be of great use to women in general. It gives “very” detailed techniques on how to learn to ejaculate as well as the three types of female orgasms in general. It is written more like a medical and instructional guide, however the language is not so heavy that you would need to know a lot about gynecology or anything. I was amazed at how much I really actually knew about a woman’s response cycle… that is why I keep reading it over and over. Every thought and vision I have had towards women is within this one little book.

The KISS guide to sex… is also a nice little guide. It is very basic and therefore many people would find it more like a 5th grade sex education class. However, it does give bits of information about positions, and a short introduction to a few of the tantric arts. It also talks about games and such that you can do with your partner.

You have to loose your virginity when you begin having sex… and in a way, you will loose a mental virginity when you start studying sex. I have met a great amount of sexually active adults who can not begin to understand the tantric arts mainly because they have been having sex like beasts for so long. Sex has a lot of levels, and the first thing you will learn when studying is that survey’s show that as little as 20% of the American population truly knows the sexual arts. Studies do show that younger people my age are starting to study sex before engaging in it though. I think that is a very good sign for the future of passion and romance in general being reborn to what it once was. I think a lot of people have a hard time dealing with the proven fact that romance and passion was much stronger 2,000 years ago then it is in today’s society. Because we are so advanced in science and such… people have a very hard time with knowing that we are not as advanced as they think. We seem to be gaining a lot of technology, thus becoming reliant on that technology more so then we do each other.

Anyone can learn, don’t think I am trying to say that it is not possible. But you have to have an interest in history and sex before that will happen.

Kama Sutra for 21st century lovers… this is an outstanding book. It is fully illustrated with color photos and gives a list of pros and cons for both men and women throughout numerous sexual positions. I would have written this book the same way if it had been me doing it. Those who have been reading my articles for awhile about erogenous zones and romance and such… Anne Hooper has a writing style very similar to mine.

I know I posted a short list yesterday without any information for what you might find within them. I do have a ton of books, but that is not necessary for everyone. I will always continue to study even when I finally have a girlfriend and someday a wife. I am interested in history and the tantric arts therefore I literally buy everything I see that is related to these arts. I must say though… some are so badly written that it makes me very upset.

I only shop online so that I can read customer reviews of the items and especially books that I buy. Thankfully, a lot of reviews are very accurate. At some point I should write some of my own for my favorite books... just don’t have the time right now, heh. You also save money by getting them from a place other then actual bookstores. Books have a flat cover price normally… and book stores specifically stick to that cover price. If you shop around… you can save probably 2 to 20 dollars per book though. The only reason I have been able to build my library so large and quickly is because I shopped around.

I am more of a philosopher and lover… I always dissect the books I read with vigorous note taking anyway. As I said, I don’t just read them, I study them. I have a bookshelf of just notes I have taken. I went and bought a bunch of hardcover journals (not cheap) and titled a separate one for each subject matter I was reading about. For instance… I have a separate journal for Kama Sutra, Tao Tantra, Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Female Ejaculation, Sex Games, Massage, Quotes, and so on…

But hey… I am also a obsessive compulsive neat freak though!

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