Sexual Metaphors...  

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Sexual Metaphors...

Sexual Metaphors

Often times we can compare many different things to sporting events. For some reason a lot of people always compare sex to its baseball terms. Personally I prefer to think of sex in a similar fashion to a stock car race.

There are many ways in which you can go about racing your car, but a good racer will take it slow.

He or she will get out on the track and run their car up and down through the turns to help get the tires to heat up and improve traction. If they do not do this and just step on the gas then their car is going to be slipping and sliding all over which at high speeds could cause them to loose control and wreck out early.

Once the tires are ready and the race is underway… you can sit tight and draft through the first half, which will help with gas and reduce the risk of wrecking from taking an aggressive standpoint. Some drivers may prefer to just step on the gas and just try to outrun everyone on the track, while this works sometimes for the “expert” racers, it often makes the younger racers or rookies to crash and burn.

Knowing when to pit is always a big thing, you want it to be with the leaders, otherwise you will fall way behind and not have even the slightest chance of catching up.

Once you hit the halfway point the race becomes something totally different…

You are now in a position where you must focus on winning, you can once again “put the pedal to the metal,” or you can continue to draft and sling shot in and around the pack. Again, putting the pedal to the metal is risky because you have other cars in your way. If you loose control of your car then you will not only take yourself out of the race but you will also take some of the others out of the race as well.

So now you are sitting here wondering what the heck all that had to do with sex?

Well you can take your time, get to know each other’s bodies (like warming up your tires). This gives you a feel for each other both emotionally and physically. Or you can just go for broke and “put the pedal to the metal” and risk thrusting in and out of her hard and fast without taking the time to fully turn her on. I do not picture to many liking this kind of thing all that often, but I am sure that is what many men would love. (Most guys seem to just aim for the finish line and not care about anything that stands in their way).

Knowing when to back off (pit) is always a very important thing. You need to keep on pace with your partner or you could finish to fast and thus leave her unhappy. This can always affect men if a woman finishes to fast, but a lot of women can have multiples much more easily then most men.

Nearing the end, you can start hammering away or you can keep a slow pace and just worrying about finishing in good standing oppose to trying to win the championship with just that once race.

It’s about the race, not the finish line.

It can be wonderful to finish on top, but that first place victory will mean absolutely nothing at all if you caused others to wreck and thus gain a lot of enemies.

This effects women in the fact that a couple of abusive sexual activities can leave them thinking that all men only desire that such thing.

You are not the only one on the track, you must be mindful of all other people at all times, and yet also be mindful of yourself!

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4/30/2005 10:15 pm

Well, you are very intelligent to be able to explain that metaphor the way you have. I just hope the people who need to hear it are listening and reading because you couldn't put it any other way.

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