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7/29/2005 5:44 am

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Sex Games

Previously some people claimed me to be wrong in my assumption that many people fu** more then make love.

I would like to point out a book that pretty much proves my point…

Sex games by: Linda Sonntag

In this book she lists Tantric sex (making love) as a fun game.

If so many people make lover instead of fu**ing like animals then it would be the reverse. Instead of saying, “make love” she would have said, “fu**.” Obviously she knows exactly what I do in the fact that more people fu** then make love and thus she has to advise that making love can be a very pleasurable experience.

Anyway I found this somewhat funny because you would not normally expect to see someone say, “making love is an interesting game”.

Sex games are a way to add a little spice to a couples sex life…

Why does she list “making love” as a sex game?

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