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In response to some recent comments…

Mythology is important to every culture, past and present. As to whether or not King Arthur existed, I think there is more evidence that he did than there is that he did not. The adoption of the name Arthur is pretty signifying of this. As to who or what King Arthur did while he was alive, that is what is meant to be speculated on.

After reading numerous history books on British history, I agree with the more recent historians about the fact Arthur was a Roman officer stationed in Britain (Albion). The problem is that history was not recorded (or did not survive) these times. Enough history survived during the 11th century on though to know that no King named Arthur existed like many of the myths describe.

Richard the Lionheart claimed that he was given the sword Excalibur but he then sold it on his way to the Holy Land in order to arm some of his soldiers.

Richard the Lionheart, Edward Long shanks, and Prince Edward did prove one thing for certain; Britain’s are the greatest medieval masters that ever existed. Their innovative use of the longbow was a serious display of their power. They took a weapon and “improved” it opposed to trying to be creative and make something new like we in the West would normally do.

As for the Kama Sutra, modern historians speculate that the actual author of the Kama Sutra may not be the actual creator. They speculate that the author “translated” the text from an earlier language but did not actually create the book. This could mean that while we think the Kama Sutra is 2,000 or more years old, it might actually be considerably older than that.

America has a lot to answer for. A question on my mind is why “we” Americans still use a Feudal form of government? In many ways, Britain is considerably more sophisticated than America is. They at least learned from their mistakes in history, and we Americans come from their line. You would think that American’s would study British history and American history but they don’t and as a result America is making the same gruesome mistakes that the British made throughout the 10th till the 16th centuries.

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This would be true Aq...

Many of the historians only study history though. I have read some Japanese history lessons based on Zen tradition. The problem is though, the historian did his lesson on historical fact without also cross referencing it with actual Zen practices. His lesson was one of the biggest failures I have ever seen.

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The creation of the Domesday book was something that caused great trouble in the country. Britian did away with it but America has not.

Religious organizations are appualed by the use of firearms and especially bows and arrows in battle. Many religious people are not impressed with the fact Prince Edward and Britian refused to stop using the bow like the Pope requested of the Nation.

Britian has had more problems with its Kings and Countrymen since Parliment got involved than they had before its creation. The Dark Ages were actually the most peaceful times the country has had as far as its leadership goes.

Albion was at its greatest power before the Dark ages took place (while it was partially Roman territory). A lot of people do not realize that the Dark Ages took place after the Celts battled the Romans and not before the Romans came around.

I am short on time, but maybe I can write a more complete list to back up some of my beliefs and understandings.

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Hey you guys ,

With reference to the last sentence ...."American’s would study British history and American history but they don’t and as a result America is making the same gruesome mistakes that the British made throughout the 10th till the 16th centuries."
Am puzzled by the use of the phrase "gruesome mistake"...Historically, LoveandHonor, in the timeline you mention - 10th to the 16th centuries- Britain was at its height of power and had no equal in terms of political power. It was the feudal overlord of nations that were vast distances away and its powress in trade and exploration was at its zenith. In short, it was a time of glory for Britain. So how can it be that following the same path America is all but destined to make the "gruesome mistakes" all over again? If the USA manages to assay the role Britain played in its hey day, then it shall be the new empire's leader....


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