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Responses to a few...

In regards to Templar Knights…

I think it is correct to assume that Templars were originally wealthy and married. However, according to my books… they later to come down as like Keith said. They were much like Friars and Monks… they required remaining a virgin. I am not sure if they rejected members if they were not a virgin, but like even monks… it would be required that you no longer have sex once you join.

They were the wealthiest of all orders to the point that they had more influence and power then even some kings. That is why they were eventually disbanded and began a life of secrecy and historian’s claims that they may even still exist.

Remember that I am not a historian. Historians write many of the books I have read, but that does not mean they are 100% accurate.

In regards to another post on a blog created by someone who has apparently studied me…

I do not belong to any order…

I have spent a long time studying various arts including weaponry. I was interested in joining an order until I noticed that they all believe in god or doing god’s will. I do not believe in any specific religion and therefore I could not join any of them. I believe in humanity, very much like Martin Luther King Jr. did. That is why I was happy to see his name as being someone who I have the same personality type as. I however was not happy to read that men and women such as myself only exist in 2% of modern society. As of 1988 scientists and doctors claim we made up roughly one-third of society, but today are the rarest of all personality types. I was not sure if this was true or not, so a friend I met here suggested I study some typology and see for myself what the truth was. I went ahead and bought numerous typology books, and they confirmed what the original test said.

I will eventually create my own order… that has been my dream since I was a child. I have always loved the European Knights and the Japanese Samurai (Bushi). Over the next decade or so I will spend it studying their codes and then fuse them together to form a modern day code in honor of both cultures. (George Lucas did something very similar when he created the Star Wars series). I do not believe anyone person or culture is better than any other is; therefore I must blend the two together as to not show favoritism.

I am not sure if it will be an INFJ specific order, or if I will make it open to anyone. It will have to be founded by fellow INFJ’s though and if you read a few typology books you would understand why.

The second reason why I refuse to join an order is because they believe in gunpowder based material. I do not believe in the use of such things and refuse to ever touch one, let alone actually fire or carry one. I do not care what our military uses, the truth of the matter is… no knight or Samurai should ever carry anything but a sword. And no knight should ever serve in a military. Most militaries require its soldiers to sign over their rights now… doing so would violate one of the most treasured codes a knight could ever know.

There are no “real” knights left… therefore anyone that wishes to become a knight, must in fact train themselves in the arts required of a knight.

I hope someday I will meet another man or woman who desires what I do and we will study together and create a new order together. I do not think this likely though… all I know is that it must be done.

Even though I am not a religious man… I think it is safe to assume that 2 or 3 of the four-horseman have already begun to ride.

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I agree with you blue... as with any variation of knight however, some of them were rather ruthless and not very knightly.

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I think it is correct to assume that they were originally monks, THEN eventually became wealthy ( the forerunners of modern bankers) and then were persecuted to the point of being put to death because a king did, in fact, owe them money. Just my take on them.

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