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5/16/2005 3:37 pm

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Responses, metaphors...

Deleting comments seems to get a lot of people angry. It would appear that it is “claimed” that I delete any or all comments that go against what I think or believe. This would be seriously incorrect!

For those who pay attention to my words, I often censor much language. This is in fact an adult site and therefore I expect some language. I do not accept statements such as… “You are stupid” or any other such thing. I don’t tolerate posts that make references to directly bringing physical harm to another through a slap or punch. Instead of banning such members and comments, I just delete the comment. If the poster so wishes to rephrase their comment in a mature manner then I will gladly allow it to stand. Physical violence is something in which I believe is a last resort; it is not a joke in any manner in which it might be referred to as. I do not mind if people like using such statements, we are all entitled to our own beliefs. As a gentleman though, I do not believe in violence until all possible forms of resolution have been made.

In my opinion, no such word should be used other then the proper word. I do not like the words pu**y, cu**, bit**, coc*, dick, who**, sl**, tra**, and so on and so forth. A co** and dick is actually a penis, and a cu**, or pus** is a vagina. Yes I know these words do in fact have various meanings and some of them do not suite what I have just stated. However, around here… those words are normally in reference to that in which I have just mentioned.

A couple of years back my sister and me was working at the same place. She tried to help a man outside by talking to him over the intercom. He got frustrated and muttered the word “bit**” at her. I hoped over the counter and went outside to discuss such terms with him and the proper use in which they should be used. I was fired from my job for what my reaction, and I do not regret it. It was not appropriate of him to refer to a woman (especially my sister) in such a manner. Not only is it disrespectful, but also even more so because all she was trying to do was offer him assistance (which was her job).

The end result being, I do not mind a difference of opinion. I do in fact like an educated debate. However, when you start using certain words and phrases it is no longer an educated and civil debate. If I delete a comment, it is because of the language or references used and have nothing to do with me not liking someone’s opinion. I expect no more from another then that in which I personally expect from myself. I do not find this to be rude of me, as I do not partake in such things either. Sometimes I make mistakes, but not when posting comments. If I notice such mistakes on a post I have made, I try and edit it again, or just totally remove it.

In response to a comment about a sword not being equal to that of a penis and a suit of armor not being equal to that of the vagina.

I mention this in relation to the subject of discussing the differences of various penis sizes and the possible effects they can have on various vaginas.

Every race (ethnic group) within medieval times had their own specific sword. Every sword had a different strength and weakness. Every suite of armor had its strengths and weaknesses as well. Some swords worked on certain armor and others did not work on other types of armor. Swordsmanship is a lost art to the modern world, instead of swordsman we have martial artists. According to recent surveys there is less then 20,000 actual swordsman that exists in the world. Martial artists use a sword very differently then a knight or Samurai did.

GuitarLord 45M

5/17/2005 1:37 am

hey dude in your mood sector on education in school on page 17 you said and i am refering to that and not your sister but it did say you were bit**y.just being a friendly nieghbor.

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