Response to Blogging Corrections  

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3/19/2005 9:45 am

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Response to Blogging Corrections

I have seen some comments about blogs and articles. I do not understand them very much because I have never had one of my blogs or articles edited or messed up by AdultFriendFinder. They only edit it if language is overly obscene and that kind of stuff. Even if they did mess it up I can go back after it has been posted and click the edit button and fix it.

I make a lot of mistakes on responses because I do not use a spell checker. However, when I write an article I do it in Microsoft word first and it catches everything. Then I copy and paste it into the AdultFriendFinder text window "like they recommend!"

There is thought and finesse involved with writing. If that thought and finesse is actually used correctly then it shows within the writing.

I have posted a few comments about spelling, they were not really spelling errors though, and they were actually “language” errors. Basically people writing like they actually talk in real life. Let’s face it, the way some people talk is so unsophisticated that it is not even funny. If you want to talk like that then fine, but never actually write like that because it ends up looking like some kind of secret code that most human beings could not actually decipher. I read a lot of books and write a lot. I have never had trouble understanding them; I also keep a dictionary next to me to look up words I do not know. If I tried looking up one of these peoples words in the dictionary (like I have just to check) it is literally not even there.

Yes there are certain abbreviations for when you are online, but none of these words they use are those actual abbreviations. It makes it nearly impossible to read what they write and I would like to actually read what they write. I criticize it because I want to read it; I don’t do it to insult them. I have seen some that literally have almost one letter intentionally missing from the front of every single word.

A little bit of effort goes a very long ways…

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