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Responding to a Comment...

To respond to another’s comment…

My point is rather well laid out but needs some fine tuning yes…

I am aware that books are written for different audiences and I clearly state that Anne Hooper corrupted the world famous Kamasutra in a means to make a quick million dollars. She labeled it Kamasutra but it is not anything close to what the Kamasutra actually was. She stole a world famous idea and turned it into a recreational sex manual when the original manuscripts strictly forbid such activities. Laws should be in place to stop this kind of theft!

I am writing my book using 100% complete translations and quotes where as most modern books today only contain partial quotes and references because a lot of the material they are quoting does not actually agree with what they are saying. The Tao of Star Wars is a good example… the author only quoted small portions of the Tao Te Ching because the earlier portions of the chapters he quoted did not agree with his statements. I did not know this at first so I bought a copy of the book he was quoting and very quickly learned that his quotes were very corrupt and did not correspond at all with the purpose of the other’s book he quoted.

Today, people steal a lot of historical documents and re-write them into whatever they desire. I think this is a truly cowardly and heinous act that should be illegal under all circumstances. People only care about money and virtually nothing more and that is exactly what Anne Hooper proves in her numerous books that are on the market. She is the only sex author I see that literally publishes 4 to 10 books a year. All of her books are virtually the exact same thing as well and that is why she publishes so many because they are not very different. The ideas behind her books are to have sex but do it carefully and do it with whomever that you desire as often as you desire.

In regards to my sexual experiences…

I have only had sex with one girl and I am 24 years old. According to the code of the Samurai and code of chivalry… a knight or samurai may have sex before marriage but sex with numerous partners should not be had. This clearly states that there is nothing wrong with having sex but it should not be done in a recreational manner. According to another translation I have seen the author did a breakdown of the original translations and found that the authors of these codes proclaimed that anything more then 4 women per year was illegal and should require the knight or samurai to eliminate himself if he has more women in his bed during that time.

The Samurai and European knights where not religious knights and did not follow the laws of the bible and created their own rules and regulations. Some knights where religious knights but they served religious sects very similar to what many would call a cult. You are bashing my writing based off your assumptions because you have not studied the actual history around the foundation of chivalry and Bushido.

All you have to do is take 5 minutes and buy one of the copies of any of the books I have made reference to and you will see that pre-marital sex is not considered a sin and is only considered a sin by religious goers. Considering I am not a religious person, my sexual status has nothing to do with anything. Considering my writing has nothing to do with religion, you shouldn’t be making religious statements.

I do not recall at any point in time where I quoted the bible or talked about the bible with the exception of my “how to treat a woman” blog.

I think religious people are a cult and do not believe in them or associate with them. They follow a false set of laws that can not be proven. I do not need a book to tell me how to act and religious people need a book to tell them how to act. Without the bible most religious people would be sinners just like all the other sinners.

Religious people are not honorable people; they do not act with the goodness of their heart. They only act nice because the bible very clearly tells them to do so and if it did not tell them to act that way then they would not act that way.

I did not start studying this stuff till just a few years ago and was acting like the books describe since early childhood. That means I was following a code that I knew nothing about long before I began studying it and that puts me on the lines of a righteous person because I acted nobly without needing a book or god to tell me how to do it.

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9/30/2005 11:38 am

Well I am glad that my writings are on the psychological aspects because that is what they are supposed to be. None of the modern books I have read discuss the psychological aspects of sex or relationships and strictly teach and discuss about the physical aspects.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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9/30/2005 11:36 am

I read books that corrospond with my beliefs. There is nothing a book has yet actually taught me that I did not already know. Some of them have offered a little more details but did not teach me anything new.

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