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Re-Wrote My Profile

I had a couple of older women complain about my profile because of the personality type in formation contained within it. I have re-written much of it and now I shall put some of it here.

I love romance, candlelight dinners, moonlight walks, moonlight carriage rides, sunset walks along the beach, candles (aromatherapy), flowers and many other things as you can probably imagine. I love art galleries, museums, ballet, figure skating, plays, the symphony, and so on… I do like a lot of different music, but classical is by far my favorite because it requires a good imagination. Sadly I have not met anyone my age that enjoys this type of music! I love camping, biking, baseball, basketball, football, Nascar, hiking, walking, fishing, boating (canoe or rowboat preferred), talking, cuddling, eye gazing, stargazing, and many more things.

I am a huge movie person, especially the epics like Braveheart, The Last Samurai, and Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, Troy, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and so on. A lot of people seem to not like the epics; I like them because of the variety. They have the fighting, the love, the scenery, and the best true artwork especially in the armor that is duplicated. Obviously I am a big medieval lover, therefore it is no wonder that I would enjoy these movies the most. I know that women were not treated the best during these times, however I think there is a lot of true tenderness and loving that historians do not reveal. I am a man of honor and do not believe in mistreating women; therefore I find it hard to believe that the true knights of the Middle Ages did either.

I believe in honor, romance, chivalry, and the way of the sword. I can admit right off that I believe women are the most beautiful of all creations and a sword is the second most beautiful of all creations. I live my life according to the laws of the Teutonic Knights, Templar Knights and the Japanese Samurai.

I study medieval history a great deal, especially the Art of Swordfighting and the history of the Holy Crusades. Some of the greatest military heroes that the world has ever seen rose to power during this time. Some of the world’s most tragic battles also happened during this time (like the Horns of Hattin on July 3/4, 1187). One of the greatest military leaders of the world was Saladin, which was a Muslim leader during the third crusade. Movies (like the Kingdom of Heaven) have depicted this man as being a barbarian when the truth of the matter is that he actually saved the city of Jerusalem from the Christian armies that threatened to destroy the inhabitants. He was the most honorable man during this battle and I have a great deal of respect for him because of it. He showed mercy on an enemy that did not show mercy to him. That takes a great deal of courage and despite our current world situation, I will always respect him.

I do study martial arts but focus on sword and stick fighting and not hand to hand techniques like many do today. I took martial arts for a little while when I was younger but the only thing that they taught was how to fight and not “why to fight”. Therefore I stopped training with other students and began studying the techniques that were originally invented during the Feudal age and Middle Age. I favor the way of the knight in regards to beliefs but I favor the fighting style of the Japanese Samurai. I am average height and of a skinny (yet toned) build. My power resides within my speed and intelligence and not within large bulky muscles like a body builder. A lot of knightly techniques from the French and Germans focus on more upper body strength when sword fighting where as the Japanese focus more on lower body strength and footwork. A lot of people make fun of us because we wear a Hakama (what people call a skirt). The reason we wear this is so that people can not see our feet when fighting. A true master knows what techniques can be used based off foot formations and therefore covering them makes it impossible to gauge what we are about to do next. The overall point being that most modern fighting forms are a disgrace to the original fighting forms that were created. They teach purely physical aspects when any real fighter knows that our minds are much more powerful then our mere physical body.

Aside from studying combat, religion and history, I also study sex. I have been studying Massage, Erotic Massage, Cunnilingus, Kama Sutra, Tao Tantra, Perfumed Garden, Ananga Ranga, Female Orgasm, Female Ejaculation and other topics for a rather long time now. I discovered the same thing in regards to sex that I did martial arts in the fact that the translations and beliefs are highly corrupt. Taking the Kama Sutra for instance, it was originally a life and relationships manual. Today, the Americans have turned it into strictly a sexual position and general sex manual by removing all of the principal religious and philosophical beliefs that it originally contained. I personally find this to be a truly great insult to one of the greatest writings ever produced on this Earth.

I think technology has changed both our world in the physical sense and the world in an emotional sense. People desire to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and thus they often miss all the scenery that can be seen through slowing down and taking their time. It is for this reason that I prefer the softer and much more sensual activities than I do the rough pornstar style activities that many people seem to prefer today. Sure, a good hard session is wonderful from time to time, but it offers little to no emotional connection. I desire that emotional connection or I would rather just please myself. The overall point being that, “sex to me is about the ride and not just the finish line.” I want a woman that feels the same way and will allow the time for kissing and massaging each other’s entire body and not just our private areas.

It is for all of these reasons combined (bad modern translations and pornstar style sex within society) that I have begun researching and writing my own sex manual and code of honor. I am covering bios on the world’s greatest leaders and knights and discussing how a man should be chivalrous with women and a gentleman with everyone in general. I am of course including a sex manual identical to the Kama Sutra since no other authors that exist seem to be able to do so without strictly talking about sex and sexual positions. As with combat, there is psychological factors that play a much larger role then most think and they show this with their disregard for the fellow people that live in the world with them (by sleeping with everyone that they possibly can). Many people believe that just because they use a condom or birth control that it protects against anything that might be harmful to the body and thus we have a lot of single parents and diseases spreading around the world. As a lot of doctors are beginning to state, STD’s are at epidemic levels!

I know it seems strange for a guy like me to be on a site like this. However, with all the reading (studying) and writing I do, I do not get a chance to go out much. I live in a small town and I do not like going out to the bars or partying. I like quiet evenings at home or at the movies or symphony. If I do go out and spend a large amount of time away from home then it is normally to the local Christian camps or food banks and work doing community service. I have been doing community service work every summer (all summer long) since the age of 13.

I write a lot of blogs which can be found here >>>>LoyaltyandHonor, so for those whom wish to know more about me and my ideals then I would suggest checking them out. Some of the rough drafts for my book are within my blog. I will state that you may not quote or copy anything that I write unless you have my permission first to do so.

I would appreciate it if you would only send winks or emails if you are actually interested in meeting or chatting. I get a lot of emails or winks and then the people say nothing again after the initial contact. I will do my best to respond to all emails and winks that I can.

For those who are local I do not drive. I walk or bike everywhere I need to go. If you live somewhat far away then you will need to be able to travel. I can travel if I have a little warning and can make plans for it.

I do have a network album and a webcamera. I do not reveal these to very many people though.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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8/12/2005 6:30 pm

LOL I know expat...

That is why I added the text sizes...

It makes it a little easier to separate and take a break from reading for a moment.

I am not impressed with the glitch right now. I like having a truthful and detailed profile, but it is hard on the eyes right now.

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8/12/2005 5:47 pm

I would bet that in one huge sentence this look like crap, I know mine does its very ahrd to read since they stoped reccognizing carage returns.

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

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