Praise for Dr. Ruth  

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8/13/2005 6:21 am

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Praise for Dr. Ruth

Out of all the books I have read… “Sex for Dummies” is still one of my favorites.

I truly enjoy the authors’ point of view on sex and sex in relationships. Especially on the topic of G-Spot stimulation, because she clearly states that she does not believe there is any one specific area in a woman’s vagina that causes more pleasure than the rest.

It is not saying that she does not believe that the G-Spot exists, all she is saying is that she thinks there is a need to focus on “all” areas of the body and vagina and not restrict ourselves to a select few areas.

Like with cunnilingus (eating a woman out)…

A lot of people tend to focus mainly on the clitoral hood or the clitoris itself. The truth is that a person can also focus on the perineum and the labia as well. They might not be as pleasurable or sensitive, but they will in fact provide very wonderful sensations as well.

I have seen a lot of people bash Dr. Ruth (the author) because they see her as an older woman who is out of touch with modern sex. My personal opinion is the opposite though… she is actually more in touch with modern sex then most of the people who practice sexual activities.

A lot of people only focus on certain stimulation and orgasms where as she focuses on everything all at once and does not limit herself to being shallow minded.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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8/13/2005 11:39 am

Well I am glad to see both a man and a woman who agree with me.

Now all I need is a person local to me who also agrees... lol

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