Popular Male Issues... (2nd Edition)  

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Popular Male Issues... (2nd Edition)

Understanding the Penis
(Frequently asked questions and general information)

Do women prefer BIG dicks? SURE, plenty get totally turned on by size…a real-life “fill’er up” fantasy. But the majority of women prefer the comfort of an average sized penis and a sensitive lover who knows what to do with it. Since most of a woman’s sexual pleasure comes from her clitoris and the outer two inches of her vagina (which contain most of the nerve endings), it’s a thicker penis that ultimately has a lot more going for it.” ‒ The penis by: Joseph Cohen

“Men are often embarrassed or ashamed when they compare the size of their unerect lingams with those of other men. However, an unerect lingam is not an accurate gauge of the size of an erect one. Generally men with larger unerect lingams experience less change in size during the transition from unerect to erect states. But men with smaller unerect lingams experience drastic changes in sure during the transition from unerect to erect.” ‒ Sextasy by: Caroline Aldred

“Men are born with as large a variety of weapons as of faces. It all depends on nature. A considerable number of short men have long weapons, while a similar number of tall men have short weapons. Thin, weak men often have thick, hard weapons; tall, well-built men often have small weak ones.” ‒ Su-Nu-Miao-Lun

“There is a saying that a man whose lingam is very long will always be poor. One whose lingam is very thick will always be in distress. A man who has a thin and lean one will be lucky, and a person whose lingam is short may well become a king.” ‒ Ananga Ranga

In today’s society, people seem to mostly only care about bigger and better things. They are unable to ever accept things and even people for who and what they are. They want more money, a better job, a nicer automobile, a larger house, smaller taxes, and this list goes on and on. We have a lot of women today who go around constantly talking about how good a large penis is and how useless a small penis is. We see television commercials about erectile dysfunction and the need for Viagra. Millions of people surf the Internet today and one of the biggest things you will find is advertisements on how to increase the size of your penis. With all these factors, is it really any wonder why so many men are worried about the size of their penis?

Gentleman you need not worry, nor do you need surgery, growth pills, penis pumps, or any other kind of enlargement aid that is advertised. All you really need is education! With the right mix of knowledge and experience you can learn to overcome any possible size difference in which you may possibly encounter. Sometimes size does matter, but it is very complicated.

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions and concerns I have seen. The following is just the information about size differences and other popular topics surrounding the penis. It does not offer much in the fact of specific facts, but instead focuses on the philosophical and psychological aspects.


Circumcision is when the foreskin (prepuce) is removed from the penis. This procedure has been being practiced for thousands of years, for a variety of different reasons. It would seem that circumcision is a primary practice amongst certain cultures and religions. It is very common for Jews and Muslims to be circumcised, as well as ethnic groups in Africa, India, and the United States. For a long time doctors taught that having the prepuce (foreskin) removed (circumcised) reduced the risks of various diseases. It is a debated fact that circumcised men are less likely to contract HIV, Herpes, and Syphilis while engaging in un-protected sexual activities. It is not a sure-fire guarantee, but they have in fact claimed that uncircumcised men have a slightly higher risk to those types of diseases. Personally, I would like to believe that everyone, who does engage in sexual activities, does in fact use a condom in that process. It is most likely that those who do not use a condom are people in which are in a serious relationship, meaning that they are not sleeping around with others. Obviously these sexually transmitted diseases are common when sleeping around (different sexual partners) and not common for those who are in a serious and faithful relationship (not sleeping around with different partners). Therefore concluding that these results are rather meaningless and should not be the only basis for which one might choose to get circumcised.

The most common problem with being uncircumcised is that a substance called “smegma” can build up underneath the foreskin of the penis if the man does not keep himself properly cleaned. Smegma is a whitish (cottage cheese) substance that forms or gathers around the base of the penis where the foreskin and head connect to each other. Smegma is in fact a natural lubrication that helps the foreskin slide back and forth over the penis during vaginal, anal, oral, or manual stimulation. The problem comes from the odors that can result if this substance is not properly cleaned. Some men and women may find this odor to be very arousing while others could find it to be very repulsive. Not only does smegma form around the base of the foreskin of uncircumcised males, but it can also (and normally does) form between the clitoral hood and clitoris on a woman. As long as these men and women practice good hygiene and bath regularly, then smegma building up should not be an issue.

A helpful note: If you are uncircumcised you must remember to retract the foreskin on a regular basis. Failure to do so can result in the foreskin tightening up and making it impossible to retract. In the event of this happening you must see a doctor who will perform a minor surgery to cut away some of the skin and this will allow it to freely retract over the head of the penis again. Some doctors may just perform a complete circumcision instead, however that is not necessary. I had this happen to me when I was 17, my family doctor did a minor cut as I just mentioned and it solved the problem.

There are many people who believe that being circumcised will toughen up the head of the penis and thus help increase the amount of durability it has during sexual intercourse. This does in fact make sense because the exposed head of the penis is in constant friction with clothing all day long, for years and years on end. The uncircumcised male does not undergo that regular friction as the foreskin covers the head of the penis and protects it. While it may seem that circumcised men last longer before ejaculation, you must remember that their penis is obviously less sensitive then an uncircumcised mans. For those women who really care about the pleasure that their partner receives, then they would most likely prefer an uncircumcised male? Women who care more about their own sexual pleasure (and care little for the man) will most likely prefer a circumcised male. A circumcised male appears to have a rougher drier looking penis as well. This drier, firmer texture could also increase friction and thus increase the sexual pleasure for a woman. Often (if you look closely) you will find that the cut penis has more vein exposure which some women may find very unattractive. Once again however, there will also be some women who find this to be very attractive.

Overall I must say that males are born with this skin for a reason and thus should not have it removed. It provides a great deal of protection from various hazards such as… heat, cold, moisture, possible chemicals, and numerous other possibilities. There is no clear advantage or disadvantage in terms of sex though as they both provide very good advantages and disadvantages; it is all a matter of personal taste.

For those men who encounter women who only desire a man who is circumcised I would suggest asking her how she would feel about having a clitoridectomy done. The clitoridectomy is when the clitoral hood and clitoris are removed from a woman’s body. Removing the clitoris from a woman is not equal to a male being circumcised, but removing the clitoral hood from a woman would be virtually identical in function as removing the foreskin from the penis is on a male. Seeing as though the clitoris has nearly as many (if not more) nerve endings than the head of a man’s penis, then removing that skin would expose that sensitive area to constant friction much like a circumcised male’s penis experiences when he is walking around on a daily basis. I guarantee that no woman would volunteer for this and if you mention it then she should be intelligent and never make comments about men and circumcision again. A lot of women feel that a man should not have a right to butt their noses into abortion rights and birth control debates… I feel the same way about women commenting about a man being circumcised. If you are not a male, you have no right to request this of one unless you yourself are willing to undergo an equal kind of surgery.

Does the size of one’s feet, nose, fingers, body, or race effect or determine the size of one’s penis?

There are so many different rumors about various things effecting the size of a man’s penis that it has started to become a very popular research field for many doctors, and colleges. Many people believe that height, weight, race, finger length, shoe size, nose size, and numerous other aspects all have a hand in determining the size of a man’s penis. Much of these research results I have seen published, do in fact show that some of these factors can determine the size of a man’s penis. The problem is though; that many of these research studies do not have a large number of volunteers (test subjects). I have seen results on height and penis size that determined that taller men did in fact have a larger penis, the funny thing is though that there were only 21 test subjects. How on Earth can you actually get an accurate result for the general population when you have so few people to test? Obviously, you can not! It is for this reason that I do not pay attention to these published studies. The highest number of test subjects I have seen was slightly over 1,000. This was an Internet survey and many people lie about things on the Internet. For this reason I would once again not actually trust their results. Even if the results where in fact somehow accurate, you still have to realize that it only involved a little over 1,000 people. There are millions of people that exist in this world and in order to determine accurate statistics you would have to test (measure) at least half of them in existence. By studying so few, you then have to multiply your found averages by population counts. Well… I won’t continue with this, as I am sure many of you know what kinds of problems this can and does in fact cause!

To directly state that a certain race has a smaller sized penis than the rest would be unfair. To directly state that a certain race has a larger penis than the rest would be unfair. Everyone of any race can have a very small, or a very large penis. I think the safest bet would be to take all of the racial statistics and pool them together and make a general “world wide” statistic. By doing this you can say that the average sized penis between all races is four to six inches in length. Now no one has to get cocky because they know their specific race averages a higher sized penis, and no one will get hurt by knowing their race averages a smaller sized penis.

As far as myths go, I have only come across one that seems to be accurate. This is by measuring the distance between the tip of the middle finger and the furthest point where the middle finger touches the palm. Shoe size, nose size and so on and so forth, could be a possible way to determine penis size… but is considerably less reliable. If you are really that curious, then I would suggest just being blunt and asking someone how big their penis is. You have better odds of them telling you the truth then you do of these myths working for you.

As far as weight effecting the size of a man’s penis… this is not a myth, it is a proven fact. This applies to what would be considered “massive obesity” though and not just a little extra around the gut. Severe weight issues can do various things such as, cause high levels of estrogen, low levels of testosterone, low sex drive, impotence and several other things. All of these things together, or individually can lower (reduce) the size of a man’s penis.

Does size MATTER?

There is a great deal of people today that refers to a man’s penis as a sword. I personally find this very insulting because a sword was a “tool” of honor and nobility amongst knights and warriors. Knights and warriors did not go around thrusting that “tool” into everything and everyone that they could find. “True” knights and warriors knew when to fight, and when not to fight. They knew how to fight physically, as well as intellectually. Due to the fact that swordsmanship is an ancient and lost art, most “modern” people think that it only involved the strength of ones arm and the size of ones blade, when in fact there was much more to it then that.

Medieval times it probably one of the most amazing of all time periods. The times of barbarians, warriors, knights in shining armor, castles, and kings and queens. Many amazing things took place during this time, but the particular thing in which I want to focus on is the weapons and warfare of this time era. While there are hundreds of different types of weapons and armor, I am going to only mention the most commonly known and most important ones.

Leather Armor: There are numerous types of leather armor that have existed throughout history. The purpose of this armor was to provide protection and yet still allow for flexibility. Often times the leather was plain, or it had small metal plates or small metal studs placed into it. This armor provided medium weight and allowed for a wide range of movements. The protection it provided was not all that great. It did in fact reduce the damage received from slashing weapons and cushioned the impact from arrows. The drawback being that thrusting and piercing protection was virtually nothing at all. This made a person wearing leather armor have to fear a longsword or rapier wielder. The thicker, straight blades of these weapons could easily thrust through this material. Leather armor was more common amongst Japanese Samurai then it was any other culture. The Samurai only wore leather or studded leather armors, while many other cultures wore this and heavier steel and chain armor as well.

Steel Armor: Plate armor was primarily constructed and designed to withstand blunt impact from lances or swords. Steel armor normally came in the form of finely riveted maile (chainmaile) which could prevent slices and cuts and yet still offer decent movement. Or full plates that covered the body that particularly prevented against blunt impact. These full plates also offered excellent protection against slashing. While the full plate offered the greatest amount of protection, it also considerably slowed down and hindered the movements of the wearer.

The katana: The Katana was the primary defensive weapon of the Japanese Bushi (Samurai). It was a long thin steel blade with a thick steel back that averaged a length of 24 or more inches. The front was sharpened; the back however was not (until later years). This is the lightest and sharpest of all known Feudal and Medieval swords. Not only where they the sharpest and deadliest, but they also took the longest to make. These swords were crafted one at a time, and on average it took 2 to 4 months to craft just one sword. The most mystifying and unique things about this sword is the slight curve in its blade. This curve reduces the wind resistance the blade catches when being swung, thus allowing it to cut faster and more accurately. The curve does in fact have a negative side though and that being that the sword can not thrust into solid objects easily (such as steel or plate body armor) as it will glance off or possibly chip the blade. This makes it a magnificent slashing weapon, but a horrible thrusting and piercing weapon. Hence it is wonderful against cloth, leather, and studded leather armor, however it is horrible against solid steel or plate armor. Wielders of these swords fought with speed and intelligence and not brute strength. This sword is the most popular in the world today due to the fact that steel armor is no longer worn regularly. Overall, the Katana has been and still is the deadliest of all “speed” weapons in the history of the world.

The Longsword: The longsword, unlike the Katana, had various versions all at once. The Katana was slowly changed throughout history, where as the Longsword was always the same shape but had different sizes and styles. For the most part, the Longsword was a one or two-handed weapon that had both edges sharpened. Because the sword varied so much in lengths one can not give a exact estimate as to an average size, it is however safe to say that all of them were at least 30 inches in length. The blade was always straight, thus its primary function was to hack or thrust into something and not slash or cut. The edges were flat and sharp, while the center was thick. This gave it durability and balance when thrusting into hard objects such as solid steel. Often times the wielder of this magnificent weapon would swing it more like that in which one would swing a baseball bat. The power was without a doubt great, however this could result in one loosing their balance rather frequently and easily. The Katana was about footwork, speed and balance much like most martial arts that are still practiced and taught today. The Longsword was about brute strength, and ones ability to over-power another. The average fight amongst knights is historically estimated to average 3 or more minutes per duel. The average fight amongst Samurai was averaged to last a mere matter of seconds per duel. By just looking at the time differences, they are very severe, and thus speak for themselves.

Now there are in fact numerous other types of armor and swords, the reason I am only mentioning these two are because historians believe European Knights and Japanese Samurai to be the greatest fighters and most noble and loyal people that have ever existed. Many people often wish they could see a Samurai and a Knight battle one another because there is no record of it ever happening. I personally believe that neither of these two classes would have ever fought one another openly. They would have been intelligent enough to see the extraordinary differences within their own fighting styles to know that they were both equally superior. It is believed and taught that the Europeans designed their armor to be swords, and the Japanese designed their swords to beat armor. While it is easy to assume that European armor was probably more powerful then that in which the single bladed Katana could penetrate, you must factor in the Samurai’s tremendous speed. By the time a Knight could swing two or three swings, a master Samurai would have already sliced 10 to 15 times. European armor had so many chinks in it that a Samurai would aim for them and without a doubt… become victorious. Due to the power and strength of the European armor and sword, most people assume that the Knight would be the victorious one though.

Now I am sure you are sitting there wondering what on Earth all this has to do with the size of a man’s penis? Well a man’s penis comes in various shapes and sizes! It is very safe to say that the penis is equal to a sword, and the armor in which it is up against is equal to a woman’s vagina. Every sword has its strengths and weaknesses, and every suit of armor has its strengths and weaknesses. A truly wonderful lover is an intelligent and wise one, one who can find the strengths and weaknesses of such things in just a moment’s glance.

“A good lover and warrior, is one who can find the chinks in every suit of armor, and the flaws in even the most flawless of blades.”

The first and probably most important factor involved when dealing with penis size is the compatibility in which it has with the specific vagina it is penetrating. If a man has a penis of 10 inches in length and the woman has a vagina of 5 inches in length, then obviously the penis is significantly larger then the vagina and thus would not be compatible with it. In this instance the man would have to constantly be careful not to push or thrust to deep, as it would cause the head of his penis to slam into her Cervix. I have not ever met or heard of a woman who actually enjoys having something slamming against her Cervix. There is many that like something near it, but none that want it touching it, let alone slamming into it. By having such a large difference, the two bodies are rather distant from one another. This would make being able to grind against one another or kiss one another during penetration very difficult to nearly impossible. If these particular women enjoy being able to feel a man grinding against her and kissing her, then she is not going to get much satisfaction from this type of penis and the man attached to it. It is not his fault however; it is just a matter of physical compatibility and does not make him or her bad lovers.

If a man with a 5-inch long penis is having sex with a woman with a 10-inch deep vagina, it can result in some problems as well. Being bigger then that in which you are entering can cause problems, but being smaller then that in which you are entering can also cause problems. While it is said that only the first few inches of the vagina contain nerve endings, many women claim they can still feel more. In this case, the penis can completely enter the vagina, which is referred to as “deep penetration.” Being able to totally enter a woman allows for a very deep and satiating connection. This can be wonderful because the man and woman can grind their bodies together like Ocean waves which can stimulate her clitoris as well as her vagina (a man with a penis larger then the vagina must use a hand or his lovers hand to get this simultaneous stimulation). With this natural stimulation it leaves both partners with free hands in order to be able to massage, fondle and caress one another with. In the event of rough sex, this man who is shorter can thrust hard and deep. Their bodies will smack together creating a truly wonderful noise and sensation unlike any other. They do not have to hold back, they can become one with another and achieve much higher levels of pleasure then those who can not become one with each other.

The penis averages 4 to 6 inches in length and the vagina also averages 4 to 6 inches in length. Most people will thus be able to connect together without much or any difficulties. The safest way of thinking is that you want a penis to either be slightly smaller, or the same size as the vagina in which it is engaged in penetration with. It is much better to be smaller then the vagina then it is to be larger then the vagina. As long as a man and woman are mindful about these factors, then they will not encounter many problems.

The second biggest factor when it comes to the penis really has more to do with shape and thickness of the head (glans) then it does overall length. Some penises are shaped like a pencil, which is where the term “pencil dick” comes from… meaning they are thick in the shaft and yet have a very narrow and pointy-head. Some have a large head and a narrow shaft very similar to that of a mushroom. Obviously in this situation the mushroom shaped penis is going to provide the most pleasure to a woman because it evenly grips her vagina and g-spot (discussed later). The thicker pencil shaped penis will grip well with the shaft but the head is not going to provide much stimulation. Which do you think a woman would rather have… a penis that grips her thoroughly or a penis that slides in and out easily without causing much friction? Less friction would obviously result in much less pleasure. There are not many women that desire to be poked, but all women at least want to be able to feel you. Once again, if you choose your sexual positions wisely and communicate with your partner, then you can overcome this potential handicap.

The third factor when dealing with the penis… is the shape of the shaft. While I addressed one type of shape a second ago, this type of shape has to do with a curved penis. Some men have small curves, some have large curves, and some are nice and straight. A large or drastic curve in the shaft of your penis can cause a great deal of pain to a woman as it is going to put a lot of stress, pressure and friction to whatever part of her vagina that it is angled at. A small curve can naturally apply a small amount of stress, pressure, and friction to whatever area of the vagina it is angled at. Some women are in fact more sensitive at different areas of her vagina, therefore a small curve (when used correctly) could naturally stimulate those more sensitive places and considerably increase her pleasure. A totally straight penis does not have much to worry about in the department of causing a woman pain from poking her vaginal walls. Instead, the straight man must angle him self more manually when he is trying to get his penis to massage specific parts of the woman’s vagina.

The fourth common factor to this question is the psychological one as well as personal taste in general. The brain is by far the largest sexual organ within the human body. Sometimes women are going to be mentally aroused by the sight of a large penis. If you do not think this possible then perhaps you need to think about the fact that some women love a hot flashy sports car, sometimes they love seeing a large wad of money, sometimes they like seeing a big house. The overall fact being… bigger or larger things often catch the eye very quickly. Some women will be seriously afraid of a large penis and thus stay away from it, while others will be seriously aroused by it. There are some men who are very attracted to large breasts and there are some men who like medium or smaller breasts. There are some men who like skinny girls, some who like medium girls, and then there are some that like large girls. Isn’t it safe to say that women are also the exact same way? If a man has a right to desire different types of women and bodies then wouldn’t it be fair and understandable that women would also have a right to desire such differences as well? It would mot be fair at all for you to allow yourself to be picky about something and then insult another person who is picky as well.

Regardless of all the above mentioned factors… a man and woman who care about each other will be able to communicate with one another and work through any of these potential problems. If you think any of these are actually an issue with the woman in whom you are sexually involved with, then you need to talk to her about them. The only person who can give the best advice is the person in which you are involved with. It is very possible that you are the only one who cares about size and yet because you care about it, you then assume she does as well. Assumptions can get you into a very big mess therefore you should never actually assume anything. If you are curious about what your partner desires, than by all means… ask her!

The Flaccid Penis (non-erect)

There is the old saying, “never judge a book by its cover.” This is one of those sayings that have many different meanings and uses; it does in fact apply very well to this particular topic. The size of an unerect penis means virtually nothing at all in terms of how big it will be when it’s actually erect. It would appear that a large amount of women in modern society think that flaccid size and erect size have a relationship to one another. Yes a larger flaccid penis will not shrink and therefore it is safe to say that a 6-inch flaccid penis will be at least 6 inches when erect. However, a 2-inch flaccid penis could grow to be 12 inches when erect just the same as an 8 or 9-inch flaccid penis could. Psychologically it would be much more intense (arousing) to see a 2-inch penis grow to be 7 to 10 inches in length then it would be to see an 8 or 9-inch penis only grow to be 10-inches in length. Imagine the excitement a woman must undergo when she unzips a man’s pants to unleash a large, fat flaccid penis and then have it virtually not grow at all when it gets hard. This can in fact become a very depressing thing in which could suddenly and drastically change or lower the level of arousal that she just had. You must also take into consideration that when a man gets cold; his penis and testicles do in fact shrink down (or up depending on how you want to look at it) as a self defense mechanism. It is possible that when you see a man with a tiny bulge in his pants that he may in fact be cold at that moment in time. Some men may be cold most of the time and thus appear to have a small penis much of the time. The only reliable time in which a man might have his penis size in its normal state is after he has been sitting for a few minutes. This allows his body heat to settle down as well as his nerves. Both of these factors play a major part in one’s penis size.

Penis size and your image

Some men, who are shorter then other men as far as height goes, often develop an attitude problem. They are compensating for that loss, and becoming an arrogant jerk due to a thing such as this, is not a good thing at all. Penis sizes can do the same thing to a man as well. In my observations I have noticed very large differences in attitudes based off “claimed” penis sizes. Men who are smaller have a tendency to lie about it for fear of rejection. They become louder at the mouth and thus are often embarrassing to bring to social or public events. These men are often very insensitive; they care about themselves more so then anything or anyone else. When in a relationship, they tend to be more possessive, cocky and jealous. Men who have a large penis often begin to think and act as if they are some kind of king. They imagine that all women want their big penis and therefore want them. I think we can thank the porn industry for much of this because normally the only man you will see in those movies are men with large or massive penises. The women in these films are also very beautiful (normally) and thus men with a large penis often think, “I can do a lot better then this.” Because of this way of thinking they are often very self-centered as well. While the smaller men are often jealous, cocky and controlling, the larger men are often just plain cocky. They not only strut their stuff at every chance they get, but they always try and make themselves look like the heroic type. Average men tend to be more sensitive, passive, and shy. They fall in between being small and large and thus they seem to naturally know better then to swing any specific way. They are normally the lasts to run their mouth, the last to fight, but the first to finish a fight. As doctors have proven for hundreds of years, the arrogant men who claim to be a hero are not actually the heroes at all. It is normally the shy, quiet types that stand up and become heroes in moments of chaos. Due to the fact large men and short men are so arrogant, loud and aggressive, women tend to believe what they say, because they chase after all the girls they encounter. Passionate, and sensitive men are normally not as open and aggressive and thus resulting in women not meeting them because they are not going to initiate conversation too often. In most cases, it must be the woman to get an average man to come out of his shell.

Your attitude does in fact often reveal the size of your penis. As you have seen with all this information, size does in fact matter a lot at times and at other times it means virtually nothing at all. I think the biggest issue of all… is that people always want bigger and better things, this seems to be more common within the United States than any other country. Men need to learn how to improve their abilities and stop worrying about getting longer, and thicker. We are all made to be something different, what fun would this world be if we were all literally the same? Every man that exists has a different sized and shaped penis, and every woman has a differently sized and shaped vagina. These are the facts of life! By studying sexual positions, oral sex techniques, and various other sexual areas… you can turn virtually any negative into a positive, by either improving something you are good at already, or by learning a few new techniques all together.

People must learn to express themselves in a proper manner. In modern times, if a man with a small penis was to approach a woman who desires a larger one, he will get laughed at and insulted in general. If a woman was really a woman she would take the time to explain why it is “specifically” she desires a smaller penis. To reject someone with no explanation at all often makes them think the worst. In this case he would just walk away thinking his penis is useless in general and not realize that it is just the woman and her body. These same rules apply for a man when rejecting a woman; you must be honest with them and not shallow. If you are a shallow person, then admit it! To be shallow and deny it is wrong, but to be shallow and admit it is perfectly fine. To deny it makes someone think the problem is them, to admit it shows that the problem is not them, but that it is actually you.

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