Pointing Fingers  

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8/12/2005 4:46 pm

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Pointing Fingers

It would appear that yet another finger has been pointed at me…

Apparently a blogger got kicked and everyone thinks I am the one who complained.

I have only issued two complaints to AdultFriendFinder in my stay here…

The first complaint was about a female member because she was posting comment after comment on my blog when I asked her to not comment at all. I tried to ban her several times in two months and the ban button would not work. It deleted her old comments but did not stop her from posting comments on my blog. Finally I noticed that she was also copying and pasting numerous blogs that I had written to her own blog because she was no longer allowed to comment on mine. After seeing this I did in fact contact AdultFriendFinder because it is considered harassment by the TOS.

The second complaint I had to make was in regards to another member. This member was also posting comment after comment on my blog. I did not mind the comments but then I got and email from her asking me to go and check out her blog. As I was asked, I went and looked at her blog. Her blog was loaded with recent bashes at my blogs and me. She had copied and pasted or copied the words in general of what I had made on several posts. She also used my profile picture as an icon for one of her blogs, which is technically, considered stealing. You are not supposed to be using pictures of members and are not supposed to be copying members profile pictures. If you want to show a member’s profile name and picture then you can add text coding in that will show the bloggers profile picture. Instead of doing that she just stole the picture off my profile and posted it as the icon. As a result I did contact AdultFriendFinder about it…

Those are the only two times I have had to consult with AdultFriendFinder about anything. The ban button apparently seems to work now and the members I have had trouble with are no longer able to comment on my blog. I do not mind comments that go against what I think. The problem was that several members were these specific members’ friends and when I made her mad I suddenly had 15+ people posting comment after comment on my blog in a harassing manner.

If you ban a member from your blog they can not copy and paste your blog into theirs and then attack it. As a matter of fact, Fair use laws strictly forbid quoting materials that are used in any kind of harassing manner. You may quote something that supports your ideals but you may not legally quote something with the direct intention of attacking it and the person who made it unless you have written permission from the author whom wrote it. You may debate it in an educated manner but if you start tossing insults then it is considered harassment and theft of another’s work.

Now you may link one blog to another, which is something people should be doing instead of copying and pasting someone else’s words into your own blog. All you have to do is type in the post number and then offer your opinion on it afterwards.

Once again though, you still have to be mindful of harassment. There is a difference between debating something compared to attacking something.


I do not know what happened to the member in question, but I do know that until today I had never read her blog before.

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