Please do "not" cut and paste  

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6/25/2005 2:00 pm

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Please do "not" cut and paste

I hope no one is offended by this…

I do however need to say it…

Please do not copy and paste information into the comment section. It is illegal to do so in general and it is a violation of the terms of service on the site.

I mention this now (again) because just a day or so ago a woman posted a comment about a question I asked. The comment was literally word from word of pasted material from an online encyclopedia. I know this because I read that encyclopedia as well and I opened it and compared it to her response, it was obviously cut and pasted!

I take the time to normally “thoroughly” research a subject before I fully discuss it. My shorter posts are normally just my personal opinion pieces and do not involve as much research.

I do “not” copy anything that I study. I buy all my books with my own money and I take notes as I am reading. I normally read 10 or 15 different books before I comment at all on a subject. For instance… when I studied female ejaculation… I read 26 different books that were strictly about that one subject. I took notes from every book and kept them separate. When I was done I spend almost a day comparing my notes to see how accurate the information was with the other books/authors. Once I weeded out the garbage, I wrote an article on it.

No I do not have too much free time on my hands. We all have different hobbies… some people like playing video games, playing pool, swimming, and so on and so forth. I spend my free time studying sex normally, if not sex then swordsmanship or world history.

I look at sex in a philosophical way, opposed to the medical way that most Americans look at it. I can’t learn much from talking to the people I know because they don’t know how to do anything other then fu** like pornstars. Therefore I spend my time studying and have been for a long time.

I appreciate the responses, and I do not expect people to study something before they post a comment. All I am asking is that you do “not” cut and paste!

I have not had this happen to many times… but it has happened a few times in my blog recently. I just deleted the responses... not because they were bad or anything, but because they copied information they were not supposed to.

Fair use laws allow quoting and copying of some materials when you are writing books and research papers and such. Comments are not within these guidelines and therefore you can not claim fair use if you are not actually writing anything to go with it.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/25/2005 5:01 pm

That is not a copyright violation. As long as you are the one who wrote it, then it is yours to do with as you please whenever you please to.

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