Notes From Today's Studies (Kamasutra)  

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Notes From Today's Studies (Kamasutra)

Notes on the Kamasutra

Notes based off "The complete Kamasutra - by: Alain Danielou

A man and woman should not have sex on their wedding night

If a man has a smaller penis then the vagina it is going to penetrate then the man should use sex toys in compensation

When about to engage in intercourse a woman should raise her hips to fully meet the mans else a pillow may be used or she can place her hands under her butt to raise herself up slightly

If a man is larger then the woman he or she should use their hands to spread open the vagina as much as possible before inserting the penis

For the best upper penetration (g-spot) a woman should lay on her back and cross one leg over the other (sit Indian-style) as the man continues to penetrate her

A man should kiss a woman’s entire body

A woman should tighten her thighs when being penetrated by a small member and loosen them when being penetrated by a larger member

A man should keep his penis within the vagina even after the sexual act has concluded

A woman should always be seductive and never allow a man what he initially wants but then later allow him what he desires

A man and women should sleep together in the same bed for several nights without being sexual. In the morning the man and woman should bath together without being sexual. After they have been in sexual situations without being sexual (gained each others trust) they may begin having sexual activities

The first sexual actions should be done delicately
(A woman is like a flower, beautiful at all times and forms but require the utmost care when handling).

A man and a woman who are married should not at any point in time show intimate affection for another man or woman

If problems arise in a relationship, the couple should seek someone to mediate for them

A man should study the sexual arts as men are harder to train in the arts of affection and passion. Once a man has properly educated himself in the arts he should then teach them to the woman.

A man should protect his love at all times and at all costs

While a man is away a woman should not wear jewelry or dress up until he returns

A woman’s level of desire is often slow to start, fast in the middle, and slow again at the end

A man and woman should practice turning on the penis so that once penetration starts it does not get interrupted by withdrawal

A woman should be allowed the use of sex toys any time that she sees it fit

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