Modern Laws of a Knight  

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Modern Laws of a Knight

A knight shall not seek an education through public means and shall not attend “any” college.

(One expects a man or woman with a degree to be smart. For one to be just as smart without having that degree is considerably more impressive. It shows your honor and passion without directly showing it).

An education will teach you mostly how to be good at one specific area… it is your duty and oath to excel at all areas and not just one.

You are a monk and a scholar! You should seek knowledge of all things and not limit yourself to any one specific field. Martial arts, “all forms” of swordsmanship, meditation, religion, horseback riding, history, and the tantric arts are required studying. Aside from those fields… seek that in which your heart desires. (No knight shall ever carry a firearm therefore you must train in other forms). When studying martial skills… you are not to seek training from a martial arts instructor. Modern day martial artists do not teach about the psychological and philosophical aspects that monks and ancient writings do. Therefore, you are to seek the ancient texts or a monk(s) for your training. You shall build a personal library of the things (areas) that interest you.

While you must study religion, you are not required to follow or choose one. A large portion of the world is made up of religious people… you are studying so that you can know what they believe and why.

A knight shall not wear flashy clothing at any time other then their armor.

As a knight, you are required to be dressed better on the inside at all times then you are on the outside. A knight is better to dress in casual clothing as to not seek any attention to themselves. I would say a knight should dress in ratty clothing, however this would draw attention and therefore you must find a balance. A cloak should be worn at all times with you sword fastened at your side or to your back. Your sword should be of simple design and not fancy as many modern martial artists seek. It is a tool for emergencies and should not be looked upon by you or others as something of interest.

As a knight, you are an outcast within society. You are never to accept a reward for doing a good deed. You are never to talk to a person from a news agency if you ever do something so heroic that it gets their attention. You are to keep your status a secret from anyone (including your wife) unless it is in an educational or defensive manner.

You are to be modest at all times.

You should not take meaning to any possessions other then your sword, horse, and armor. Aside from those three things… everything else should be something you do not fear loosing because you can live without it.

As a knight you shall not use any form of transportation other than a bike, a public bus, a public airplane, your own feet, or a horse. You shall not contribute to the pollution of this beautiful world. The only time one should use a public bus or airplane is if it is a last resort for traveling a great distance.

You are to value the lives of others above your own. You shall follow the rules of engagement the same as cavaliers. (In the event of encountering evil, it is to be dealt with swiftly. In the event of turning your back on an encounter… you shall be stripped of your honor).

A knight is sworn to protect “all” women and children at all times. You shall not ever speak ill of either nor should you ever allow another to speak ill of them.

You shall love and defend your land at all times.

You shall not “ever” serve in a countries military. You follow the laws of “your” heart, not the laws of another’s heart. (If a king or president is not honorable enough to set foot on a battlefield then he is not worthy of your love and most certainly not your martial skills). In the event of a war, a knight may only fight alongside fellow knights and true gentleman.

You shall not “ever” engage in sexual pleasures in a manner other than out of pure love or strictly for creation. You are not to fall victim to that in which most of society does. Such acts should be out of passion and love… not lust! Thou who falls victim to lust shall be out caste.

Mistakes do happen, and as a child they should not be praised, but they should be expected. Upon reaching legal adulthood… mistakes are not allowed. For this reason, a knight should treat his children as students and not in a possessive way. As a father it is your job to help guide them in becoming a man and a knight. You shall not control them or make choices for them.

(Currently being worked on... will be a few days before it is complete)

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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5/28/2005 9:25 am

I fear what you say to be true and that is why I worded it as such.

I do have some very fancy sterling silver and gold plated swords that literally gleam when I take them out of their sheath...

I do not carry them out in public though. One they are very expensive, and two... it would get attention. I do not like attention... I do not like people who are attention seekers either. You won't find me near a loud group of people... I would rather hang out with a group of monks then I would even a group of college girls my age.

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5/28/2005 7:58 am

Your sword should be of simple design and not fancy as many modern martial artists seek. It is a tool for emergencies and should not be looked upon by you or others as something of interest.

...I really like this point. I also do not like guns, and the problem with many that have them, is that they think that a gun is part of a conversation, that to show a gun, makes some statement that will help their cause. Guns, swords, are tools of power, and the true strength of power, is to be able to NOT use it, to know that you have it, trust it, and go forth. It allows one to travel further into a situation, and the only outward manifestation is the courage, or calmness of that person. Your point of a sword being plain, and functional, rather than showy, like jewelry, something that asks to be shown, is very well taken.

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