Menstruation Causing Problems? A Little Compassion Never Hurts A Man  

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Menstruation Causing Problems? A Little Compassion Never Hurts A Man


A woman’s monthly cycle can cause havoc for both a sex life and for her body and mood in general. One of the things that truly bothers me about this is the reaction men have towards it. To be completely honest, I have never met a woman who “enjoys” this specific time of the month. If I ever do meet a woman who can say she actually enjoys this time and what happens during it then I will run for my dear life!

I do not think this is a time when jokes should be made or accusations should fly. I am not saying that as men we should walk on egg shells during this time, but I do not think it is to much to ask that we offer some more respect to her and what she has to go through. You don’t have to let her walk all over you, but going out of your way to help with some added things during this time is not to much to ask.

Sex is the other tricky thing… Some women get very horny during this time and some women are far from horny during this time. For those who do not like sex during this time I can not offer anything useful. All I can say is that it is proven that women can experience heightened states of orgasm during this specific time. Because of the havoc on her body already it actually helps create less sexual tension therefore allowing her to actually end up relaxing more.

Those time of the month or not should ever hinder your sexual activities, actually it should encourage them. Women have reported that orgasm during this time can actually considerably help reduce possible cramps among other things as well. “It all washes off when it’s over”.

If you do not like penetration during this time you can always still use a finger or sex toy to help her out. Cunnilingus is still very possible depending on protection used because during cunnilingus your primary focus is the clitoris (clit).

Overall, extra care should be used “every” month. Using the hormonal changes to both of your advantage helps both of you in the long run. It all washes off in the end, sometimes it is not about pleasing yourself! Instead it is about pleasing the person most at need (often times the woman more then the man). Many men expect women to be at their beck and call, times have changed and us men need to change with them and be more considerate.

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