Lonliness and Sexual Activities  

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8/7/2005 4:31 pm

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Lonliness and Sexual Activities

Apart of me wonders how many people have sex when single because of the feeling of being lonely. I know that even myself I find that often when I desire sex it is not really the pleasure as much as it is the feeling of being wanted and desired by another. When you are single for a long time you begin to loose faith and hope in general and that can lead to making choices that we often seriously regret later on. If it was easier to find more people who take friendships seriously then I think we would see less of this activity in the world. A lot of people follow what others do and a lot of people engage in reckless sex. The youth all see how the adults act and then grow up thinking it is the normal thing to do and normal way of acting.

This is also depressing because a lot of people who do not love each only fuck when having sex. It is possible to make love to someone that you do not really love but it requires a loving heart and general attitude. I feel bad that there are women out there who would like to just kiss and cuddle but due to the fact a man often desires sex at the point of physical contact it leads to her having sex when she might actually not really want to.

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