How to Read if a Woman has an Orgasm... (Rough Draft)  

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How to Read if a Woman has an Orgasm... (Rough Draft)

Reading an “O”

When a woman has an orgasm…

Her breathing may increase…

Her body temperature may rise…

A tightening of the abdominal muscles may occur…

She may ejaculate a thin (urine like) substance from her urethra; a heavy (creamier) substance may flow from her vagina…

Her vaginal muscles (PC muscles) may bear down…

She may get a sudden sex flush…

Her moaning may go from nothing to something, soft to loud, or slow to more frequent…

The woman may rock her hips uncontrollably…

The only real sign of an orgasm is multiple actions and not a singular one.

Some women will release a thick, creamy white substance from their vagina (similar to male semen but without the sperm) during orgasm. Some people may use this as a sign that a woman has had an orgasm but forget that some women will release this during their entire sexual arousal. Due to this, it is impossible to use this as a basis for reading when an orgasm actually occurs.
Some women automatically “bear down” when a man touches her clitoris. Bearing down may automatically happen from a sudden change in speed or by something as simple as moving the woman’s legs further apart or closer together. With this is mind, you can not read an orgasm by when or how much a woman might bear down.
Some women are more vocal than others therefore, a woman may scream the entire time during sexual intercourse and thus make it impossible to judge when she has an orgasm. A woman who is normally very silent, that suddenly begins to explosively scream, this is a very good sign of an orgasm.
Judging an orgasm by a woman’s breathing is something that is next to impossible unless it is a very unusual and rapid change from the way she normally breathes. A woman will normally breathe heavier the moment her sexual arousal begins therefore making it a sign that can not accurately be used.
Some women release small amounts of ejaculate during their entire sexual response therefore, it is only possible to judge female ejaculation as a sign of orgasm if it is sudden and explosive.
The “sex flush” is yet again something you can not actually rely on. The moment some women become sexually aroused, a sex flush will begin to form. Only a woman who has no sex flush and then suddenly develops one or a woman who has a light one and then suddenly a very dark one is a woman that will be revealing her orgasmic state.
A sudden change in technique could cause a woman’s abdominal muscles to tighten. Because of this, we have yet one more possible sign that could vary a great deal from not only a woman to woman basis but could change based on technique as well. With this in mind, we have another unreliable possibility of revealing a woman’s orgasm.
Some women may rock and grind their hips against a man due to random waves of pleasure soaring through their body. This may take place more rapidly during an orgasm but is not a surefire way of reading the occurrence of an orgasm.
The only true way to tell if a woman has had an orgasm and how intense it is, is by knowing our partners and thus allowing time for us to observe how they normally act and react to different situations, different types of stimulation, as well as what types of mood and emotions channel through them before, during and after sexual activity.
In order to really know what is going on, a man needs to pay attention to multiple signs and not just a singe one. Does your partner normally breathe heavily? Does she always moan? Does she always develop a “sex flush?” Does she normally sweat a lot? Does her vagina have a thick creamy fluid oozing from it during sexual intercourse? Does her vagina get really wet during sex?
If you know the answers to the questions above then you now have something to compare changes with. A woman who has a rougher, dryer vagina that suddenly becomes very smooth and wet like it is being flooded, this would be a very good sign of an oncoming orgasm or that an orgasm has just occurred.
By observing how our partner’s body normally functions, we train ourselves to notice when something different takes place. When something out of the ordinary takes place, it is not just a good sign of an orgasm but also may reveal the intensity of that orgasm.
Another way to tell if an orgasm is taking place is to forget about it all together. Not all women can orgasm and even if you study every known sex technique available, it won’t change the fact that those women just can’t orgasm.
Even without an actual orgasm or a series of orgasms, sex can be a very physically and emotionally intense experience that will leave us breathless and satisfied. Instead of paying attention to how loud your partner moans, how red she gets, how wet she gets, or how hard her muscles tighten and contract, focus on how your partner acts outside of the bedroom. Is she happy, sad, energetic, depressed, and humorous? How a woman acts outside of the bedroom often reveals how happy she really is in the bedroom.
If a woman desires to have sex with you then the odds are good that what you are doing is just fine. Orgasm or not, sex can provide closeness and bonding that very few other activities can also provide. This closeness and bonding is often the reason women have sex to begin with and has nothing to do with having orgasms.

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I am glad you enjoyed it.

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Very good post. I'm very impressed. I think you may have missed a few, though. From my personal experience, for a woman who makes a LOT of noise, going suddenly silent. Also, even though there's a lot of movement and straining leading up to it, when it hits, it's like getting hit with lightning.... meaning an extremely intense (almost violent) jerk of the entire body, followed shaking that just can't be stopped until it runs down.

Sigh.... it's been a long time since that happened.

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